Amazing Love

To astonish is to amaze and astound. Remember that astonish means more than surprised. It carries with it a feeling of being truly impressed. Astonish derives from the Latin tonare ‘thunder.’ When you are astonished, you’re thunderstruck. ~ Love is an amazing thing… I know many kinds of love. I feel many kinds of ... continue reading

Photographer and Model

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is ‘erotic photo’, and specifically with the question: <em>If I was taking an erotic photograph of you, I would ask you to…</em> Now I will hardly ever be the one holding the camera to take an erotic photo of someone else, and even if I would happen to ... continue reading

Socializing in Red

For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane… but this is not only about February Photofest, but also about social media. Or rather, the years before the existence of Facebook and Twitter, and later Instagram and Snapchat and god only knows what other social media platforms there are, as I ... continue reading

Discharged from Therapy

Today is the 20th of December 2018. This afternoon I had an appointment with my psychologist. The last. I have been discharged from therapy. In my last post about my therapy, I told you about how I was following fingers. I ended it with: I feel lighter. Different. I’m definitely holding onto this feeling… The ... continue reading

Rebel’s Top 20 of ’18

It’s nearly the end of another year. This time last year I looked back on a year of so much hardship, which — even though I hoped it wouldn’t — has carried over into 2018. However, despite Master T being physically worse now than he was in the beginning of the year, both him and ... continue reading