Failing Bodies

Some time ago I left this comment on Feve’s post If problem persists, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-GIV-0FUX. I don’t know where to start on my comment… I have never once, after seeing the question and posting it as a prompt for Wicked Wednesday, thought about the failing human mechanism of the body as ... continue reading

That French Girl…

Films/TV/Porn – Similar to reading about sex, watching sex can definitely influence what we think or feel sexually. Write about the films, television shows, or porn that have shaped your sexuality. I haven’t grown up with Internet, and there was absolutely no access to any porn on television back in my younger days. The most ... continue reading

Deathly Fear

What is your biggest fears? This could be spiders or heights or it might be something completely different like getting sick or never doing something you have always wanted to do. What is it that you are so scared of that you maybe you even find it hard to talk about. Since Molly mentioned it… ... continue reading