Challenges & Tips #SoSS #72

It seems spring has finally sprung and just like other years, this is the time for people to take on new challenges, or re-do challenges they have done last year, and the year before, and… you get the picture. The alphabet is a popular thing this month, and having orgasms is too. Just follow the ... continue reading

Love & Friends #SoSS #70

Last weekend there was no #SoSS post from me, because of Eroticon. I didn’t want to lose one minute of spending time with friends, getting to know new people, feeling and spreading the love. I can only say: Eroticon was brilliant. The weekend was brilliant. I was constantly covered in a blanket of love, enjoying ... continue reading

Countdowns & Candles #SoSS #67

There’s several countdowns going on at this moment. We are counting down to the end of February Photofest, counting down to the start of a new Smut Marathon voting round, counting down to Eroticon and I am counting down to my birthday, which is in 2 days. Only thing is, I am not really counting ... continue reading