Guest Post: What Do Men And Women Focus On When Watching Porn?

The question as to what men and women look at when watching pornography might be a pertinent one. Many people would think that it is the genitals or bodies of the actors, especially when the porn viewers of erotic sex are male. This might make sense intuitively, but the actual research findings showcase something else. ... continue reading

Fucking, Unexpected

It happened. It really happened. It actually fucking happ… Did someone say fucking? Oh yes. Fucking’s exactly what happened! You can tell that I am in high spirits, right? Yes, really I am. What happened was totally unexpected but so incredibly welcome. It started at our regular hangout… I was teasing Master T a bit, ... continue reading

Soon… I Hope Soon

Modern life is busy, we all know that. Sometimes a quick wake-up shag, an opportunistic quickie, or a tired, end-of-day, semi-somnolent fumble and snuggle with benefits is all we have the time and energy to manage. There is nothing wrong with these; quick, time limited sex can still be great and is almost certainly better ... continue reading

Love, Affection and Sex

After concentrating on February Photofest last month, I am now back to participate in Food for Thought Friday again. They have been absent for quite some time and I cannot tell you how happy I was when they returned. I cannot promise that I will join in every week, but when I have something to ... continue reading

No Space For Sex

Written on 17.06.2017 The last months have not been easy. This might be an understatement. It started out in September 2016 when Master T started having problems with his prosthetic leg. Somewhere between then and halfway through December he also started having panic attacks and hyperventilated. He could not drive anymore, as the information from ... continue reading