Deathly Fear

What is your biggest fears? This could be spiders or heights or it might be something completely different like getting sick or never doing something you have always wanted to do. What is it that you are so scared of that you maybe you even find it hard to talk about. Since Molly mentioned it… ... continue reading

Reading, No Peeking

Reading can spur a lot of erotic emotions, thoughts, and actions. Write about the books, magazines, or other reading materials that have shaped your sexuality. I had to think about this question for some time to be sure that there even were books or magazines that had any influence on my sexuality. I wonder, is ... continue reading

Birthday Spanks

Today is my 52nd birthday. A fantasy… My feet hurt. I have told him before: I am not used to wearing heels anymore. No, that’s not entirely true. I can wear heels, but these are just too high. I can’t wear them anymore. They need to be lower. My whining hadn’t helped. All it did ... continue reading


They’re like lips, they’re like noses, they’re like eyeballs, you should be able to have them out all the time if you want. Nipples are beautiful things, don’t hide them. ~ Cara Delevingne For my February Photofest 2019 I am taking a trip down memory lane… Back in 2013 I bought a pair of pale ... continue reading

Amazing Love

To astonish is to amaze and astound. Remember that astonish means more than surprised. It carries with it a feeling of being truly impressed. Astonish derives from the Latin tonare ‘thunder.’ When you are astonished, you’re thunderstruck. ~ Love is an amazing thing… I know many kinds of love. I feel many kinds of ... continue reading