Toy Box: Day Collar Again

I have posted an image of my newest day collar earlier this month, but this close-up was so beautiful that I wanted to share it too! With this image, I conclude this year’s February Photofest, which is an idea of the lovely Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. This is the third consecutive year I have ... continue reading

Facial Hair

Do you love a man with a full thick beard, or maybe a mustache? What about a neatly trimmed goatee or is a full set of side burns? Do you love a man with 5 o’clock shadow or maybe you prefer him cleanly shaven? What it is about his facial hair, or lack of that ... continue reading

Streets of Fire

I am sharing another bit of history with you this week. This time I want to share something happy with you, after sharing experiences of 20+ years ago, and childhood memories with you last week. When Master T and I started chatting with each other back in 2002, we were just like any other two people ... continue reading

Moving Stairs

In this Scavenger Hunt notch I am still in the same lobby as I was last week, but on the other side of it. I told you there was an escalator too and of course I wasn’t going to skip this as a location, even though the escalator wasn’t working at that moment. See those lifts in ... continue reading

Erotic Self Torture

This post has been written, thanks to this search term: A shower. Relaxed by the hot water. Alone in the bedroom afterwards. The ever-present Womanizer Pro on my bedside table. Naked. That sets the scene for something that has happened a couple of times now. I come from the shower, feeling warm and relaxed. My ... continue reading

Toy Box: Womanizer

You all know I am a huge fan of the Doxy Massager, but I can only use it when there’s either no children in the house (which never happens) or when we’re in a hotel. However, I recently acquired the Womanizer Pro and really, besides the Doxy, this is a toy that EVERY woman should ... continue reading