Brrrr… Cold!

I have a confession to make: I haven’t slept naked in the last year. Maybe more than a year. I have tried, but somehow I just couldn’t. No matter what the weather was outside, whether cold or warm, I had to wear a pajama of some sorts. If I look back on the years before ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #8: Painful Nipples

Since my uterus have been removed at quite a young age, menstruation or the absence of it is not something I can use to ‘gauge’ my menopause. My nipples, however, is a different story. Now there was a time when my nipples were painful once a month, and I knew that this was part of ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #7: Dry hands & skin

It’s been a while since I last added a post to this series. Just a quick note: Have you not heard about The Menopause Diaries? It’s a meme I started a couple of months ago to share the things I notice changing in my body as I go through menopause. If you are in the ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #6: HRT Revisited

It’s been exactly six weeks since my last post for The Menopause Diaries and this means I have used HRT for about 8 weeks now. I definitely see a huge improvement, and one downside, even though I don’t know if the downside is really because of the meds or something else. Sleep & Yawning I ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #5: Hormone Replacement Therapy

I had already planned to write about Hormone Replacement Therapy for the fifth post of my menopause series and then this comment was left on my last post: The menopause is the one thing about ageing that scares me… this is the first of your themed and memed posts I can read as fear prevented ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #4: Orgasms and Libido

I have started this meme with the hope that other women would share their stories too. Two other women have shared posts, one of them Understanding Flutterby and most recently cherrytartblog shared too. This last post is inspiration for this post. I quote from cherrytartblog’s post: The big issue I’m having with it all is orgasms – ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #3: Sleep Disorders

In my previous post about menopause, I briefly mentioned sleep disorders. Not any kind of sleep disorder, but sleep disorders due to the menopause. Why does menopause cause sleep disorders? The menopause sees the fall of two main hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones affect sleep patterns in two different ways. Oestrogen is important for ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #2: Hot Flashes

Hot flashes and night sweats might be the two commonly known symptoms of the menopause. In fact, they are related, as night sweats are nothing other than the nocturnal sister of hot flashes. Imagine this: you sit at your desk, typing. You are relaxed and have been sitting for at least half an hour. No ... continue reading

The Menopause Diaries #1: The Symptoms

Menopause is a bitch! It influences women on so many levels that it can totally put them off-balance. Some women suffer from all the symptoms of menopause, others only of some. The latter group are, in my opinion, the lucky ones. The changes sneak up on you, catching you off guard. They make you doubt ... continue reading