Double Dominance

Dom was ready for his session with two girls — Joan and Celine. The two women were friends, both submissive and wanted to be dominated together. They had never been together sexually, but weren’t opposed to it. At first Dom had his doubts, but after talking it through with the women, he agreed to the ... continue reading

Concluding April’s Masturbation

Continued from… More Mindful Masturbation Day 25 – part 2: “So you are going to London tomorrow…” I was already half asleep, but excitement must have been evident in my voice when I answered him. “And I will be sleeping alone for two nights.” I once again confirmed what he said, and when he put ... continue reading

Trainer Bars

He loved touching her, loved seeing the spark of passion in her eyes when he rolled his thumb over her nipple. ~ Jaci Burton Ever since my nipples have been pierced again, they are so incredibly sensitive. Not sensitive from hurting after they have been pierced (the pain has literally disappeared after three days), but ... continue reading