The above gif has been made of images that Master T took of me when we stayed in a hotel for our ten-year wedding anniversary. I crawled away from him, from the lounge to the bedroom, which was about ten to fifteen meters apart. Then I turned around, and crawled back to him. By the ... continue reading

Pubic Disturbance

He wanted her to grow her pubic hair. He didn’t ask. He didn’t insist. He suggested. “I wonder what it would look like if you grow your pubic hair.” That’s all he said while he softly ran his finger down her slit, just not parting her labia. Lee-Anne shivered, partly because she longed for his ... continue reading

Wall of Pleasure

For the past weeks she had taken the long way home. The shorter would have her home half an hour earlier, but Libby didn’t care. She needed to see it every day, to smell the freshly mixed concrete combined with the sound of the plastic sheets that gave the builders some protection from the wind. ... continue reading

I Don’t Like Dirty Panties

During my almost six years of blogging I have come across women who sell their dirty panties and actually have quite a good running business doing so. Even though I totally understand and respect that there are people out there who love dirty panties, this is just not my kink. When I saw the prompt ... continue reading