Sixty nine is when two people adopt a position so that each persons mouth is near the other persons genitals and oral sex is performed simultaneously. The people are therefore mutually inverted like the numerals 6 and 9 thus giving rise to the name 69. There are a variety of different position this can be ... continue reading

Ten Search Terms

I couldn’t choose a search term without writing something I have done before. I decided to do it differently this month and use the ten search terms that I shared as a prompt. Blow Job Stories Swallow There has been a time where I didn’t swallow when I sucked a man, but then I met ... continue reading

Semen. Swallow. Smear. Safeword.

Semen. That’s the current topic for Kink of the week. Semen. My mind wandered to that one thing Master T would like to see, and which intrigues me enough to think about it too. More about that later. I looked at the questions Jane has asked in her intro: But how do you feel about ... continue reading

Sucking Balls

He made me suck His balls! Okay, wait, let me start at the beginning. Master T is unshaven and I am perfectly okay with this. He keeps himself immaculately clean which is all that matters to me. In the beginning of our relationship He sometimes asked me to suck His balls. I did this, but ... continue reading

The Fellatio Project

Update (September 2016): The Fellatio Project has changed into The Oral Sex Project. In December I was approached my Mistress Mia of Kinky Mia about The Fellatio Project. Mistress Mia has been inspired to start The Fellatio Project when she read a series of posts by Jana’s Panties (unfortunately this blog no longer exists). She wanted ... continue reading