Double Dominance

Dom was ready for his session with two girls — Joan and Celine. The two women were friends, both submissive and wanted to be dominated together. They had never been together sexually, but weren’t opposed to it. At first Dom had his doubts, but after talking it through with the women, he agreed to the ... continue reading

Her First Gangbang

One morning just after Dom’s Place opened it doors to start business for the day, there was commotion in the lobby. Dom just happened to walk down the hallway when he heard his name. Someone — a woman — demanded to see him. He walked towards the sound, and there was a very young woman ... continue reading

Little Anna

Anna was a frequent visitor of Dom’s Place, but Dom had never had a conversation with her. She mostly had sessions with other dominant men and women, but she and Dom had never had a conversation, even though Dom had noticed the girl at the bar a couple of times before. Tonight she seemed to ... continue reading

Tortured Nipples

After the harsh spanking session Celine had gone through, Dom was surprised when she contacted him with another request for a hard session. He had invited her for a drink to talk the session through and once he was clear on what she wanted; what she desired, they made an appointment for the actual session ... continue reading

Paddling Robin

After watching the harsh punishment Dom had given Celine, Robin seemed curious about being spanked by Dom. It took a while before she asked Dom if he would spank her, and he did. She had become one of his regulars, frequently booking a spanking session. That was all it was: spanking sessions. No master-slave or ... continue reading

Public Punishment

Ever since Robin had mentioned she would love to watch a punishment, Dom had been thinking about it. He decided to approached Celine’s dominant. After a lengthy conversation between the men, it was agreed that Dom would be in charge of a punishment session for Celine. Apparently Celine had once said that she would love ... continue reading