Public Punishment

Ever since Robin had mentioned she would love to watch a punishment, Dom had been thinking about it. He decided to approached Celine’s dominant. After a lengthy conversation between the men, it was agreed that Dom would be in charge of a punishment session for Celine. Apparently Celine had once said that she would love ... continue reading

Tap on the Shoulder

“There, look, there in the corner!” Jack’s hand rests on his shoulder and Kaleb follows the line of Jack’s finger, pointing to a darker corner in the bar where two women sit at a rounded table. They seem oblivious to their surroundings. Kaleb turns around, shaking Jack’s hand off in the process. “No, definitely no!” ... continue reading

Sexy Interlude

They have been moving in kinky circles for quite some time, Fred and his wife Kitty. He is the dominant, she the submissive. Tonight Fred received a message from a befriended dominant that he will be branding his submissive in the near future. The description of the branding leaves Fred excited, a feeling he wants ... continue reading

Hard and Cold

The bench was hard and cold. Like her heart. A sneer disfigured her beautiful lips as the words echoed in her head in a never-ending mantra. Hard and cold. Cold and hard. Lizzie’s vision blurred. Tears filled her eyes. Pain of loss had long invaded every fiber of her being. Lost. She was lost. She ... continue reading