Spanking Desires

It’s been ages since I have been spanked, but tonight it will finally happen again. Master T has arranged for Mister Silent to give me a ‘well-deserved spanking’, as he calls it. Why I deserve it, I have no idea, but I don’t care. Just the idea of being spanked totally excites me. It awakens ... continue reading

Lady Amore

The seventh stanza of the Dutch anthem, Wilhelmus: My God, I pray thee, save me From all who do pursue And threaten to enslave me, Thy trusted servant true. O Father, do not sanction Their wicked, foul design, Don’t let them wash their hands in This guiltless blood of mine.     Trigger warning: non-consensual ... continue reading

Simply The Best

“Attention!” The female recruits scurried to their place at the foot ends of their bunks. This was only the third time in their short military careers that the sergeant unexpectedly turned up in their sleeping quarters. They still have to get used to always keeping their living quarters clean and tidy. Tonight was no different. ... continue reading

Wall of Pleasure

For the past weeks she had taken the long way home. The shorter would have her home half an hour earlier, but Libby didn’t care. She needed to see it every day, to smell the freshly mixed concrete combined with the sound of the plastic sheets that gave the builders some protection from the wind. ... continue reading

The Beach Chair

Finally she had a day off. For the last two months she had been making overtime, working about 80 hours every week. Her nights were short, her working days long and in the weekends her dining room table and couches were covered with printouts of spreadsheets, tax papers and other papers she needed to the ... continue reading