I AM good enough!

A week before the day of our last play date, we still had no reaction on our advert on Fetlife. We had the feeling that we were not going to succeed and mentally I was preparing myself for our punishment. Our play date was happening on Friday. On Monday evening I decided to ‘feed-kick’ our ... continue reading

Single tails

From Wikipedia: A whip is a tool traditionally used by humans to exert control over animals or other people, through pain compliance or fear of pain, although in some activities whips can be used without use of pain, such as an additional pressure aid in dressage. Whips are generally of two types, either a firm ... continue reading

Knife Play

When I saw the topic of this week’s Kink of the Week, my immediate reaction was: Yes, please!!! Before I continue, let’s see what Wikipedia says about knife play: Knife play is form of consensual BDSM edgeplay involving knives, daggers, and swords as a source of physical and mental stimulation. Knives are typically used to cut ... continue reading

Face Slapping

When I first saw the topic of this week’s Kink of the Week, I literally recoiled. Face slapping? Oh my god no! Never. Those where the thoughts in the first couple of seconds… … and then I began to smile. Let me first explain why my first reaction was a negative one. Back in my ... continue reading

Playdate 4-3: Rope, wheel & more whips

Continued from… Playdate 4-2: Pussy whipping Dena was next to be tied on the table. I watched as Master R tied her in the same manner as he did me. Dena seemed restless. She was already moaning while Master R was still tying her down. I watched her and had a feeling of wanting to ... continue reading