Blogging History

I have written stories for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they were assignments for school, sometimes they were only for me, and mostly there was something erotic in them. Not in the school assignments of course. There were times where I didn’t write, but back in 2010 I wanted a platform where I ... continue reading

Touching & Choice #SoSS #44

Yesterday I had the most wonderful day of relaxing. I went to a spa resort with my best friend, and both of us had booked ourselves a 50 minute massage. Mine was a hot stone massage and it was oh-my-god-divine. I really, really, really enjoyed it and after the massage I walked around like I ... continue reading

Abortion and Family #SoSS #40

This past week, for me, was all about family. Not only the family living with me, but also about extended family, about cousins. It was about reconnecting, about learning that I belong, about being accepted as I am. I could talk about being a sex blogger and not one of them was shocked. In fact, ... continue reading