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You have clicked to come to this page because you are interested in the services I offer. Thank you and welcome!

I work hard to create new content for my blog, as well as engage in the blogging community, promoting work of others and engaging with fellow bloggers, but also with those who are only readers of our content. Once a post is written, it gets shared on Twitter several times. Some posts are also shared on my Facebook page, depending on how explicit the featured image in the post is.

Having said that, there are several services I can offer you. If you are interested in working with me, you can reach me through my contact page.

My services are not for free, but send me a message and I am sure we can work something out that will fit your budget.

Advertising services

Please note: all links will be marked as sponsored.

Sponsored posts

I offer two kinds of sponsored posts on my website

  • Sponsored post written by the advertiser
    Any content you write should fit in with the contents of my website. Go to the homepage to see the different subjects I write about. Articles with sexual content should be sex positive, and unique, in other words only posted on this website. All articles will first be read and approved before they are published.
  • Sponsored post written by myself
    You can either suggest a topic you want me to write about, or I will decide on the topic and include your link in my post. All views and opinions in the post will be my own. You will not be able to edit my article.

Please note that all sponsored articles will be tagged as sponsored post, without exception.


You can advertise your company on my website either through a text or image link. Links can be placed in the footer of the website or in the sidebar. I do not accept any links to be put on my homepage.

Product reviews

The main focus of this website isn’t product reviews, but I do enjoy doing the occasional review of items I find interesting and get excited about. Those can include sex toys, books or clothing.

Please note: I do not test male sex toys, simply because my husband is not interested in using of any kind of sex toy.

Fees, conditions and payment

None of my services are for free, and no service will be delivered until payment has been received.

When you send me an email requesting my services, please be as clear as possible as to what service you require, and I will send you my fees and conditions.

Please note that all payments should be done through Paypal.

~ Marie Rebelle
(last updated: 15.11.2020)

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