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My very first Scavenger Hunt post went live on 2 May 2012.

When I discovered the Scavenger Hunt, I wanted to participate, but I didn’t think I would have the courage to bare myself in public places, even if no one would see me. We discussed it and decided to give it a try, and now, three and a half years later in November 2015, I have already done more than 40 locations for the Scavenger Hunt. More than 60 actually, but I still have a lot I need to publish.

Since I am losing track of the locations, I needed a page where I can keep track…

What is the Scavenger Hunt?

Shortly said: bare yourself in a public place, snap an image and share it online.

To explain more: there is a list of locations other people have completed or suggested. If you are in a similar location – a public park, a restaurant, on a bridge or at the zoo – and you dare to bare yourself (with or without others seeing – your choice), snap an image, post it on your blog (or ask someone to guest post it for you) and voila, you have started a scavenger hunt journey. It’s not about the quality of the photo, although of course it should be visible that you have indeed bared some flesh. And I don’t mean a shoulder or an ankle, but your butt, your breasts or your crotch – the things that you shouldn’t bare in public.

I have to warn you though: participating in the Scavenger Hunt is addictive! Once you start on it, you see locations everywhere you go!

Who runs the Scavenger Hunt?

The Scavenger Hunt was originally hosted by SapioSlut, but I only learned about it when it was already in the very capable hands of Curvaceous Dee. Sadly Dee has decided to stop blogging anbd has now handed the Scavenger Hunt over to the lovely Jade of Pieces of Jade.

My list of locations

Many of the locations I have managed to achieve have been found not far from home. Below you find a list (in reversed order) of the locations, a short description on each of them and a link to the actual post, where you can see the images:

66.  Level Crossing – We were on our way to take photos on the train tracks when I decided to Level Up.
65.  Cave – When we were in Bristol in May 2016 I turned into a Cave Girl.
64.  Fire Escape – When you’re staying in a hotel it’s important to know how you will be Escaping Fire when needed.
63.  Dumpster – I’ve been looking for this location for so long, but finally found a place to ‘Dump Me
62.  Campground – We were gone for a weekend and took these fun photos Between Chalets.
61.  Lookout point – Molly and I braved very steep stairs to go to a lookout point, looking at the suspension bridge in Bristol and resulting in this Suspension Shot.
60.  Ladder – There was a ladder that turned me into a Scenic Climber, wanting to see the landscape around me.
59.  Woods – Sometimes the woods just beckons you. So if you go out in the woods today…
58.  Electricity mast – I’ve been eyeing electricity masts for years and finally I saw one where I could make some Electricity!
57.  Playground – You should always grab every opportunity for some Play Time.
56.  Crops – I’ve done some Cropping while we were out in the country.
55.  Rising arm barrier – We walked around the hotel, saw the entrance to an underground parking garage and decided it was time to Raise That Arm.
54.  Escalator – I wanted to be on these Moving Stairs, but they weren’t moving!
53.  Lobby – I’ve been out doing some Lobbying, but maybe not like you think it should be done.
52.  Construction site – There are so many places in the city where they are Building Houses that it’s like they’re asking people to do some Scavenger hunting!
51.  Bike rack/Bike shed – I’m a fan of Queen, so “I want to ride my bicycle” just had to be the title of my bicycle rack Scavenger hunt notch!
50.  Public planter – Green decorations in the city makes for images of public planters… and more.
49.  Water taxi – When there’s lot of water and you want to get from one shore of the city to the other, you go by water taxi.
48.  Historical place – There’s so much history around us, but not everyone sees it.
47.  Boat/Ship/Ferry – War ships in the harbour makes for perfect photo opportunities!
46.  Container – A container, surrounded by restaurants and parking lots, is exactly the place to pose for a photo!
45.  Earth Moving Equipment – When you come across a Big Yellow Monster, what do you do?
44.  Bollard – On an evening walk in the harbour, we saw several bollards and declared it a new notch for the Scavenger Hunt list.
43.  Public Art – A lovely piece of public artwork is the Tower of Numbers in my favorite city.
42.  Bench – On a warm-ish autumn night, Benching is exactly what you should be doing!
41.  Waxing studio – I wanted to experience a Brazilian Wax, and boy, did I experience it!
40.  Fire extinguisher – A Firewall is something that will protect you from outside influences, right?
39.  Cemetery – A cemetery, a rainy day, wind… those are the ingredients for A Grave Flash.
38.  Sex shop – When you’re in a sex shop, you are not supposed to bare yourself, but I did: Sex Flash.
37.  Tattoo/Piercing parlour – I lost a piercing and had it replace, and managed a Piercing Flash in the process.
36.  Hotel/Motel/Inn/Hostel – Facing Windows of the international tribunal, I lay down on the window sill.
35.  Stairs (public) – I waited for Master T At The Stairs, while he was taking some photos.
34.  Restaurant/Café – There certainly wasn’t a Dinner Rush in this restaurant, but I did almost get caught!
33.  Cycle trial – Wherever you go in this country, a Bicycle Lane is never far away.
32.  Post office/boxes – I should have told the embassy: ‘You’ve got mail‘.
31.  Bunker – In our summer vacation we discovered a lovely historical town where a Bunker Hill from WWII was still intact.
30.  Graffiti – We found a Graffiti container where the urge to bare my ass overcame me!
29.  Church – It’s Blasphemy to bare yourself in the church, right?
28.  Train tracks -Find and Track and trace the lines to find the naked bottoms.
27.  Convention – At Eroticon 2014, the Bottom Line was to share, and sharing is what we did.
26.  Aeroplane – On our way to Eroticon 2014 I bared myself in the plane.
25.  Alley/Walkway – On our walk back home I turned into a total Alley Tramp.
24.  Bar/Pub – I dared a Pub Flash when we were in our regular hangout.
23.  Speed bumps / Obstacles – Another Scavenger Hunt that was made close to home, during an evening walk.
22.  Bus stop – As with quite a number of notches, this Bus Stop Scavenger Hunt was done close to home.
21.  Car (bonnet, preferably) – Flipping through old photos, I re-discovered a Scavenger Hunt.
20.  Car park – After a lovely play date I just had to bare myself in the Hotel Car Park.
19.  Balcony – There were some lovely views on and off the Roof terrace.
18.  Office – Alone in the office called for a bit of Work exposure.
17.  Hallway (public) – It was only when we got to our bedroom that Master T told me there were cameras in the Hallway.
16.  Elevator – After a couple of drinks the Elevator seemed like a great place to flash my bottom.
15.  Tunnel – Be careful when you bare in a Tunnel, as people can come from both sides.
14.  Bridge – And of course in London, there’s always a Bridge to be found.
13.  Monument – When we visited London for the first time, there was one Monument I wanted on the photo.
12.  Jetty/Pier/Quay – We went for a walk in the evening and ended up in the Harbour.
11.  Locker – A day at the spa gave me the opportunity to make a picture in the Locker room.
10. Sculpture – Flashing next to a national symbol cause me some Embarrassment.
9. Garden (public) – This is the perfect place for Flashing my ass, right?
8. Zoo/Wildlife Park – Sometimes things get hot At the zoo.
7. Public toilet – Out for the night I bared myself in the Low Light of a public toilet.
6. River/Stream – Close to a lovely stream we found A fallen tree.
5. Pipe – What is a girl to do when she finds some Piping?
4. Gate – Naughty girls bare themselves Against a gate.
3. Park – You never know what you might find when you’re out for a walk in the Beautiful Nature.
2. Tree (public) – We were out for a walk in the woods and… We found a tree…
1. Lane/Path – This very first notch was obtained not far from home… and title appropriately: The first…


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