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My first novel, Flight LU-365, was published in May 2014.

Flight LU-365 cover

The passengers of Flight LU-365 are all at different points on life’s journey through love and lust when fate makes their paths cross and end in the desert of a quiet African country. The young couple, passionate and excited; the elderly pair, proving that love endures; the lesbian couple with their secret ready to share; a group of friends escaping for adventures in lust; the porn star, taking a break from her successful career; the married woman, confused and hurt from an affair; the young student hiding her hurt and more. They were more than the seat numbers they were in. They were people with different lives and desires and only one thing connect them: they happened to be on the same plane. Read about their love, lust and lives in this remarkable and moving epos, with strong and beautiful erotic scenes. Marie A. Rebelle is a talented and energetic blogger, followed by thousands and an honored member of the erotic blogging community. Marie has been published in several anthologies and now, finally, she has written her first erotic novel.

Flight LU-365 can be ordered from the following sites:



In the past I have frequently sent in stories for different submission calls for anthologies. A couple of them have been accepted for publishing, which of course I am incredibly proud of. Having stories accepted definitely is proof to me that my writing is good enough to share with the world.

In the meantime I still keep an eye on all submission calls, and sometimes I feel the pull to send in a story for the call. However, my main focus is now to have a novel or novels of my own published. That has always been my big dream, to see my name in print on a book. I have achieved this with the anthologies, and gladly have shared the space with some brilliant authors, but my dream is to see only my name on a book. Not only once, but several times.

I have been published in the following anthologies (in reverse order):

~ Marie Rebelle
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