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Dear potential client,

You have clicked to come to this page because you are interested in the services I offer. Thank you and welcome!

I work hard to create new content for my blog, as well as engage in the sex blogging community, promoting work of others and engaging with fellow sex bloggers, but also with those who are only readers of our content. Once a post is written, it gets shared on Twitter several times. Some posts are also shared on my Facebook page and Instagram, depending on the featured image that goes with it.
(All social media links are in the header of this website.)

Having said that, there are several services I can offer you. If you are interested in working with me, you can reach me at rebelsnotes (at) gmail (dot) com, click the envelope in the header of my website or contact me through my contact page. My services are not free, but send me a message and I am sure we can work something out that will fit your budget.


Please note: all links will be no-follow.
I will not consider dofollow links as the very reason you come to me is for the opportunity to get the exposure from the people who read and support my site and click on the things I recommend. When dofollow links are used, Google will eliminate my site from their search results, which is not helpful for you or my other advertisers.

  • Sponsored posts
    You can either suggest a topic you want me to write about, or I will decide on the topic and include your link in my post. All views and opinions in the post will be my own. I do not accept content written by you, but will let me readers know that the post has been sponsored by you. You will not be able to edit my article.
  • Advertising
    There’s room on my site to advertise your company. You can either choose for a text link or an image link, and links can be placed in the footer of the website or in the sidebar. I will not accept any links to be put on my homepage.
  • Product reviews
    Please contact me with details if you have a product – sex toy, book, clothing – you want me to review. Where my website’s main focus definitely isn’t product reviews, I have done some in the past and am willing to test and write a review about products I find interesting and get excited about.


Examples of my writing can be found all over my blog, depending on what you are looking for. Pieces I write are either erotic fiction, or about my life, or somewhere in between.

  • Guest blog posts
    If you need a post for your own website, I can write it for you, and at the bottom of the post it will show my name and link back to my website. There are two ways to go about this: you provide a topic, a brief outline and a word count, or I do all of those myself. If I have to do it myself, this will cost slightly more due to the extra work involved. You retain the rights of the writing for a negotiated amount of time. I will ‘reblog’ the post on my site, and encourage readers to go to your site to read the full article there.
  • Ghostwriting
    If you prefer that I write something for your blog, but not mention my name or have a link back to my site, it’s possible, but at a slightly higher fee than that for guest blog posts. After I have sent you the content, you own the content and your website is considered the ‘author’.

Website reviews

Back in a ‘former’ life I created website and gained quite an understanding of them, of what works and what doesn’t. For the Dutch community I have also frequently reviewed and rated websites. If you are in need of a website review or advice on your website, I can provide that. I will look at the functionality of your website, how easy it is to use, whether it has all essential elements to make give your visitors a good experience. Please note that I don’t offer SEO services, but some of my advice will definitely help you with that.

Custom packages

Custom packages are available and include advertising on Rebel’s Notes as well as Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon, a combination of image links and sponsored posts or advertising on the mentioned sites, in combination with social media support are available. Just get in contact and we can discuss the possibilities.


Payment always happens in advance of me starting any work. No content will be delivered until payment has been received. Please note that all payments should be done through Paypal.

~ Marie Rebelle
(last updated: 17.04.2018)

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