If you are looking to work together, you have come to the right place.

I can offer you the following:

  • Sidebar links
  • Sponsored post (text written by advertiser)
  • Sponsored post (text written by Marie Rebelle)
  • Front page ad or banner
  • Ad or banner below each post
  • Product reviews

Sidebar links

A text or image link can either be placed on the front page of the website or in the sidebar of posts and pages. Text and image links are placed for a limited time, depending on the time frame for which the advertiser has paid.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts can be written either by the advertiser or by Marie Rebelle. Articles written by the advertiser will have to be approved by Marie Rebelle, and will be edited if necessary.

Ads and banners

Ads and banners can be placed at the bottom of the front page of this website, or below posts.

Product reviews

You can find several book reviews and sex toy reviews on this site. When a book is sent, I try to have the review on my site no later than 45 days after I have received the book. In the case of a (sex) toy, the review is posted on my site between 2-3 weeks after receiving the toy.
All reviews will carry my honest opinion of the product.


Other than the above offered services, I am available for interviews, as long as I am (for now) not recognized on photos.

NoFollow Links

Please note: all links will be no-follow links.
I will not consider dofollow links as the very reason you come to me is for the opportunity to get the exposure from the people who read and support my site and click on the things I recommend. When dofollow links are used, Google will eliminate my site from their search results, which is not helpful for you or my other advertisers.

Site exposure

This website receives between 22.000 and 28.000 hits per month. Hits come from all over the world. Links to new posts are posted on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Fetlife and the Adult blog hub. Links to older posts are frequently re-posted on Twitter.

Custom packages

There is a possibility for custom packages, which can be made up of combinations of the above services and might also included social media support.


Please get in contact with me if you are interested in any of the above.

~ Marie Rebelle
(last updated: 01.01.2018)