Photographs of Marie Rebelle

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For as long as I can remember, I have been an exhibitionist, even at quite a young age. I loved to play games alone and to bare myself to my imaginary friends. But, I have also always been shy too. This is quite an interesting and strange combination, I know. My shyness disappears when I feel comfortable or when I am just too horny to care whether someone sees me or what they think of me. The only one’s opinion I care about is that of Master T. It’s very important for me that He approves of what I do. If He approves, I do not mind flashing, even though my cheeks might burn red with shyness.

My first memory of naked photos made of me is from when I was about 18 years old. That was long before the existence of digital cameras or cameras on mobile phones. I asked a cousin of mine to take images of me while I was naked in a pool. I had the photos printed at the supermarket and hid it in my closet, but they were discovered. The reactions were fierce and for many years after that I was ashamed of the fact that I enjoyed having images of my naked self.

It took me about fifteen (!!) years to get back into it, and by then there were digital cameras, computers, internet. It made it SO much easier to keep my images away from the ‘wrong eyes’. However, I wanted my images to be seen by a selected group and started posting on a closed network, called Redclouds (which has long changed from what it originally was). This satisfied me to a great deal and of course, when Master T and I got together, we discovered that we are the perfect team… also when it comes to erotic images.

The photos of me you will see on this site have either been taken by myself or by Master T. Sometimes photos are just too complex for me to be able to take myself and then Master T helps me. But Master T doesn’t only take photos of me when I need help. Ever since the beginning of our relationship, the camera was never far away. We have an archive of about 17.000 photos, starting as far back as the year 2000. That was long before Master T and I met – He loves those photos just as much as the ones he has taken of me.

Please note that all photos with my watermark are the property of Rebel’s Notes and can only be shown on other websites with my permission.

(Last updated: 01.09.2018)



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