Memes bring people together. It gives people with all kinds of different blogs the opportunity to link a post on their blog in one place and with this they bring attention and readers to their blogs. Through memes I have discovered quite interesting and wonderful people.

A meme is not always erotic - there are quite a lot of memes out there for people who are into photography, doing 365 projects and wanting to link it with other people who do the same. There might also be memes for people who are into stitching, or bodypainting or DIY. Thing is, memes are there to build a community, to share your posts with like-minded people and friends and to draw their attention to the links others have shared.

It's as easy as that. You compose a post, publish it on your blog, go to the host page of the meme and add your link. Then you wait for comments on your post, and while you wait you click the other links and leave comments on the posts of the other participants. You do not have to be an experienced blogger to join in. Newbies are welcomed with opened arms.

Below are links to posts for memes I frequently participate in, or have done so in the past.

Don't have a blog, but want to participate?

If you don't have a blog but still want to participate in any of these memes, you can contact the meme host to ask about the possibilities of a guest post or look on the site whether there is a place where you can submit your post, such as exists on Wicked Wednesday.

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