This is the Dutch version of ‘Two worlds‘ Balthazar trok hard aan de teugels om het paard tot stilstand te brengen. Een eindje terug had een reflectie zijn aandacht getrokken. In een vloeiende beweging sprong hij van zijn paard en, terwijl hij de teugels nog stevig vasthield, liep hij terug in de richting van waar ... continue reading

“I’ll get started tomorrow…”

“I’ll get started tomorrow…” What behavior or activity do you keep pushing off until tomorrow? What reasons do you use to delay the change. What if you were ordered-directed by your dominant to make the change. Would you still find valid reasons to delay it? Source Oh how many times have I told myself in ... continue reading

Sexy Interlude

They have been moving in kinky circles for quite some time, Fred and his wife Kitty. He is the dominant, she the submissive. Tonight Fred received a message from a befriended dominant that he will be branding his submissive in the near future. The description of the branding leaves Fred excited, a feeling he wants ... continue reading

Guest Post: What Do Men And Women Focus On When Watching Porn?

The question as to what men and women look at when watching pornography might be a pertinent one. Many people would think that it is the genitals or bodies of the actors, especially when the porn viewers of erotic sex are male. This might make sense intuitively, but the actual research findings showcase something else. ... continue reading

Pick Me Up

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” ~ Mark Twain In my years of sex blogging and reading blogs, I have come across a lot of people who are dealing with mental health problems. This ranges from being stressed to being severely depressed. What I love is that many sex bloggers openly ... continue reading