Molly is a married, submissive to her husband, mother, blogger, photographer, creator of Sinful Sunday and sexy as hell! Definitely one of the sweetest and sexiest people I have met online, and had the privilege to meet in person.

Molly also hosts Kink of the Week and together with her husband, she writes on the D/s Life.

Molly & Michael, together with Girl on the Net, are now the owners of Eroticon.

Happy Come Lucky

A lovely, bubbly, friendly woman who shares her experiences with her man, and who I met in person at Eroticon 2015. She's one of the bloggers I am proud to call my friend.

Oh and, she makes lovely whips, go ask her!

F Dot Leonora

Author and editor... but most of all a wonderful, friendly woman with a bubbly personality. She lives in one of the best cities in the world... New York!

Leonora hosts the meme Friday Flash Fiction.

Cara is a brilliant writer, even though she frequently doubts that. She has the ability to portray raw images in her words, and make it sexy too!

Cat is a very talented and creative self photographer and occasionally tells stories about her sexy encounters.

Silverdrop is just a girl, loving SilverHubby while they age disgracefully in the UK. You can find naughty photos , sex toy reviews and more on her blog.

Bibulous One is a man, aged 60, who writes in the most beautiful and erotic way about his encounters with sex workers, whether submissive or dominant.

Submissy is a married housewife and writes about her life with HisLordship in the most honest and raw way. Besides this, she also posts very sexy images!

A Dissolute Life Means

I enjoy the open and honest way in which Hyacinth writes about her sex life. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, but tell it as it is, the good and the bad.

I had the privilege of meeting Hyacinth at Eroticon 2016 and she is even more sexy and fabulous in real life than she is on her blog. I just happened to be one of her sister wives since Eroticon 2016.

Hyacinth is also the hostess of Boobday Friday.

Livvy is a medical doctor and writes a blog about sex and life, fact and fiction, and all the ridiculous, amazing things that she loves!

Chris McClennan is the author of the Savannah series, which started out as a trilogy, but in the meantime he has decided to write several books more about the adventures of Savannah. It is one of my favorite stories! We met Chris and his wife at Eroticon 2014 and would love to see them again!

In the meantime I am enjoying his stories and I hope you will too!

K has a wonderful blog full of stunning Scavenger Hunt images and experiences with her husband and lovers. She also posts old Polaroids and invites others to join in.

In her own words: Exposing 40 is a body positive photography adventure for friends of all shapes and sizes, male or female. Some are behind the camera, some are in front and some provide ideas. We hover round a landmark age. The collagen may be relaxing but the confidence is robust and we are definitely getting better with age! When we are 60 we will look back to now and cheer ourselves, so why spend our 40s looking back at 20?

The Raven Nest

We know Lord Raven from back in the time when he posted his dark stories on Malflic's site, but nowadays he has his own. In his own words: I starting out writing poetry then moved to short stories and so forth. I have a love of the macabre and many dark subjects. It brings me pleasure knowing I have made my readers shudder and squirm as I present tales of wicked dark delights

Kisungura is another woman writing about her D/s life in an open and honest way, and posting beautiful images. In her own words: My blog is about Dominance and submission and my life as a married submissive living and loving in our D/s marriage.

I have a soft spot for Charlie Powell, owner of this blog. She blogs about erotica, sex, disability, dating and feminism. Her erotica is hot!

This woman is not only an incredibly good blogger, but also a great speaker. At Eroticon 2015 she did a talk and everyone was blown away, the same again in 2016. And, she's now one of the three owners of Eroticon!

This blog is the journal of Bee and her Honey Farmer, into finding out who they are and that journey of discovery. She doesn't only share words, but images too.

Kayla Lords

Ever since I discovered this blog, there has been posts Kayla wrote, that resonated with me (especially the ones about her D/s relationship).

Kayla is the hostess of Masturbation Monday.

Stella Kiink

Stella mostly writes about kink, but sometimes there are vanilla posts too. Mix that in with some sexy photos and you have quite an interesting blog to read.

Remittance Girl

I quote RG: "Words are worlds. They carry a different message to each of us. And so the story I wrote is not the one you read. In reading it, the story becomes yours."

Now go read her words.

Floss writes about many subjects, but also focuses on the FemDom world. She writes about her experiences with her partner and shares lots of thoughts on different kinds of power exchange.

(Last updated: 01.09.2018)