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A lot of the posts you will find on this blog is about our D/s relationship. None of those posts have a ‘how to’ guide in them. There is no ‘how to’ guide to D/s (or M/s or Daddy/babygirl or Owner/pet or any other variation of BDSM relationships). Each couple fill their relationship in the way that works for them, and that is the way it should be, not only for BDSM relationships, but for any kind of relationship out there. What works for the one doesn’t work for the other.

We started our D/s relationship in January 2011. Before the moment we made our commitment at the end of January 2011, elements of BDSM were present in our relationship. We played around with handcuffs, collars and rope, but it was only after discovering an entire BDSM community out there that we realized that the feelings we had were more than just some kinky play added to a vanilla relationship. Master T knew I was submissive long before I was ready to admit it to myself. Once I admitted it to myself, admitted that I am a natural submissive, it was like coming home to a warm nest. Cliché, I know, but it brought me peace of mind.

My tattoo of the BDSM symbol and cherry blossom - this is symbol of my submission to my Husband.
Ownership tattoo

Marked & claimed

Once our commitment was made, Master T wanted to have me marked as His. The symbol of our commitment is tattooed on my leg, as can be seen on the photo above. This tattoo is symbol of my deep love for and my total submission to my Husband. On 25 November 2012 He claimed me as His possession once more, by having my inner labia pierced a second time. It was a final symbol of our commitment to our D/s relationship. To us this is almost like renewing our vows.

Standing orders

We are parents and we have children at home. It’s not easy having a D/s relationship with children around, as we are limited to the bedroom and cannot make much noise. This is our choice, because of course we can also tell our children (even though they are all adults) that whatever they hear is consensual, but we prefer not to. Therefore, we try to be creative, as I cannot go long without feeling His control.

One way to always feel His control is to follow the standing rules He has put into place. Those are:

  • I have to:
    • shave my pussy every day.
    • always ask permission to orgasm.
    • wear my day collar every day.
    • sleep with a collar every night.
    • share all communications with Him.
  • I am not allowed to:
    • meet anyone without permission from Master T.
    • wear any underwear on Sundays.
    • cross my legs.
  • Master T handles all requests for any kind of interaction. We love meeting new and like-minded people, always for a nice cup of coffee and a chat first, and sometimes for some kinky fun later. Interested? Get in contact with Master T.

These standing orders are something to hold onto, but I need more than just that. Master T knows me better than I know myself. He sees the signs long before I notice them and makes sure I don’t lose my focus.

Day collar

My Swarovski day collar

One way in which my submission is shown is in wearing a day collar. It’s not easy to find something that really sends the message to the informed, but doesn’t feed the uninformed with information they might not want to hear. For quite some time I have worn a day collar with black leather string and an O-ring on it, but all the time we were looking for something else that I could wear. We found it at Swarovski.

Many times during the day, when at work or otherwise away from Master T, I touch my collar. It comforts me and makes me smile. It’s a symbol of our love and life together, but most of all it tells me that He owns all of me. Knowing that He owns me; knowing that He will always protect me – it makes me feel safe. It makes me feel wanted. It makes me feel 100% woman!

More about me

This blog is full of words about me, much of those about our D/s relationship. None of my words are meant to lecture anyone. I speak my mind, tell about my experiences, ask advice and share my thoughts and fears. You can read more about me on my about page, or just read posts on my blog to get a picture of who I am.

And if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Marie Rebelle

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