Apart from things mentioned below, all of the content on this blog is my own and I have full right to post it wherever I wish. All reviews reflect my own thoughts and honest opinions, not influenced by any of the companies involved.


There are two kinds of images on my blog:

  • those made by either me or my Husband and;
  • those I have borrowed from other websites.

When images are borrowed from other websites, where possible I mention the source of the photo. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of images on my computer and sometimes I do not know anymore where I have gotten them from. If anyone sees an image on here that they own and want me to take down, just let me know and it will be done immediately.

Images that have been made either by me or my Husband have my watermark on them. These images are not to be posted elsewhere without my permission.


All quotes have been credited to their original author. If it is in quote marks with another name by it, assume I do not own it. Quotes from novels or stories are property of their author and publisher.

Sponsored Posts & Product Reviews

I occasionally write sponsored posts and get paid for it. All sponsored posts are marked as such.

I also do product reviews and am always sent an item to test. What you read in my review is always my honest opinion of the product, whether positive or negative.


The template on this blog is called Panoramic and I have bought a licensed version of it.

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