I am…

Who am I, you ask? I am made from all the people I’ve encountered and all the things I have experienced. Inside, I hold the laughter of my friends, the arguments with my parents, the chattering of young children, and the warmth from kind strangers. Inside, there are stitching from cracked hearts, bitter words from ... continue reading

Curved Back

Don’t ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back. ~ Anonymous I have never asked for a load, not light or heavy, but life has just happened and many times my life was about surviving and pushing my own feelings away because someone (most of my life, my children) needed me ... continue reading

Great World

Embrace your complexity, stretch your creativity, and live up to your potential, you are what makes the world great. ~ Dan Wells Sometimes a good stretch is necessary to loosen those muscles, but sometimes we also need to stretch the muscles in our brains, to dare to go places we have not been before, and ... continue reading