The Menopause Diaries #8: Painful Nipples

Since my uterus have been removed at quite a young age, menstruation or the absence of it is not something I can use to ‘gauge’ my menopause. My nipples, however, is a different story. Now there was a time when my nipples were painful once a month, and I knew that this was part of ... continue reading

Erotic Self Torture

This post has been written, thanks to this search term: A shower. Relaxed by the hot water. Alone in the bedroom afterwards. The ever-present Womanizer Pro on my bedside table. Naked. That sets the scene for something that has happened a couple of times now. I come from the shower, feeling warm and relaxed. My ... continue reading

Ten Search Terms

I couldn’t choose a search term without writing something I have done before. I decided to do it differently this month and use the ten search terms that I shared as a prompt. Blow Job Stories Swallow There has been a time where I didn’t swallow when I sucked a man, but then I met ... continue reading

Squirting Galore

A weekend day, just like any other. The day spent together, just like any other weekend day. Something’s there though. Something between us. A feeling. An unspoken message. Bedtime. Ankle and wrist cuffs. Cuffs bound together. Wrist to writs. Ankle to ankle. “Bend your legs. Spread.” It starts with his hand on my clitoris, briefly. ... continue reading

Nipple Banding

When I looked through the list of search terms about three weeks ago, nipple banding caught my eye, and the same happened when I scrolled through the list yesterday. What is nipple banding? Nipple banding is when you wrap rubber bands around your nipples. You leave them on for some time, to reach different sensations. ... continue reading