Sunday Afternoon Movies

“Shall we watch a movie?” It was Sunday and for the first time in weeks we were home. No appointments, no obligations. They had already decided that their main goal for the day was to relax. “Yes, let’s do it!” To Jenny it felt like they were two naughty kids, ignoring chores that needed to ... continue reading

The Barracks part 3

Continued from… The Barracks part 2 Three weeks later, Delia entered the room after a shower early on the Saturday evening. “I am going out,” she said. “Out?” Emily looked at her with concern on her face. “Yes, I have found a way to leave the base.” “How then?” “With one of the ranks. He’s ... continue reading

The Barracks part 2

Continued from… The Barracks part 1 Their kiss started off gently, but soon grew more urgent . The harder he kissed her, the more she moved her body against his. His breathing was as quick as hers, his arousal hard against her abdomen. His hands dropped to her bottom, pulling her against his body the ... continue reading

The Barracks part 1

There they were, in the barracks, ready for their basic training. Hundred women invaded the four-storey building where Delia and Emily will share a room for the next eight weeks, the same way they had shared a room for the four years they had attended university. Before they went to university, they attended high school ... continue reading