Sexy Interlude

They have been moving in kinky circles for quite some time, Fred and his wife Kitty. He is the dominant, she the submissive. Tonight Fred received a message from a befriended dominant that he will be branding his submissive in the near future. The description of the branding leaves Fred excited, a feeling he wants ... continue reading

The Mist

Glorious sunshine poured through the high, rectangular window when she stepped from the shower. The air was thick with the steam from her hot shower, and combined with the sunlight it almost blinded her. She blinked a couple of times to get her eyes to get used to the glare. A shadowed silhouette, deep in ... continue reading

Fucking, Unexpected

It happened. It really happened. It actually fucking happ… Did someone say fucking? Oh yes. Fucking’s exactly what happened! You can tell that I am in high spirits, right? Yes, really I am. What happened was totally unexpected but so incredibly welcome. It started at our regular hangout… I was teasing Master T a bit, ... continue reading