Hard and Cold

The bench was hard and cold. Like her heart. A sneer disfigured her beautiful lips as the words echoed in her head in a never-ending mantra. Hard and cold. Cold and hard. Lizzie’s vision blurred. Tears filled her eyes. Pain of loss had long invaded every fiber of her being. Lost. She was lost. She ... continue reading

His Voice

I have no experience or knowledge at all of erotic hypnotism, but I do have a vivid imagination… Sascha was like a child all afternoon, almost running from one cage to the other to see the exotic animals in the zoo. Ryan followed her around with a smile. He loved seeing her this excited; seeing ... continue reading

Masked Woman

They thought she didn’t notice. She did. People staring at her. Whispering. Talking about her. Wondering why she was sitting there every day. A woman, her hair unkempt, her colorful clothes torn in some places, dirty in others. She wore boots two sizes too big, but it’s her socks that caught more attention – one ... continue reading

Love is Love

Seth slammed his fist on the stump and winced at the self-inflicted pain. He hated his mutilated body, hated the wheelchair he was confined to and hated being locked up in his house. Every day he sat on the balcony and looked out over the beach below and the blue ocean beyond. Sometimes the longing was a ... continue reading