Amazing Love

To astonish is to amaze and astound. Remember that astonish means more than surprised. It carries with it a feeling of being truly impressed. Astonish derives from the Latin tonare ‘thunder.’ When you are astonished, you’re thunderstruck. ~ Love is an amazing thing… I know many kinds of love. I feel many kinds of ... continue reading

Masturbatory Observation

The first place my mind went when I saw the prompt for Kink of the Week — Mutual Masturbation — was that it was something I have never done before. Never have Master T and I masturbated together. In fact, he barely ever masturbates and I think in all these years of him and I ... continue reading

Photographer and Model

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is ‘erotic photo’, and specifically with the question: <em>If I was taking an erotic photograph of you, I would ask you to…</em> Now I will hardly ever be the one holding the camera to take an erotic photo of someone else, and even if I would happen to ... continue reading

Styling Marie

The question for this week’s Erotic Journal Challenge is: How would you describe your sexual style? The first place my mind went was to the clothes I wear, to how I like to dress, but of course that’s not what ‘sexual style’ is about. By looking closely at your past relationships you can define your ... continue reading

Blue Monday

Debra slammed the front door behind her, threw her keys in the bowl on the secretaire and opened the door to the lounge. Bobby looked at her with concern. “Hard day at the office, m’love?” Debra sagged onto the couch next to him, her face contorted by the anger that she couldn’t seem to get ... continue reading