About Marie

I am Marie Rebelle.

Somehow you have stumbled across my blog and here you are, looking at naked images and reading sexy words. You may like it or you may not. If you don’t like it, it’s perfectly okay. It’s your choice to just leave and carry on. If you do like it, I hope you will take the time to get to know more about me, read my words and enjoy the pictures. You see, I am just a normal person. No pervert, no meanie… just normal… and I happened to like sex. A lot.

Who is Marie Rebelle?

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter. I am a colleague, a friend and a lover. I have been a boss until 1 August 2018 but chose to take a step back, as I lost my mom in 2017 and it had a huge impact on my life. I turned 50 in 2017, live in the Netherlands and I am a professional, working an almost full-time day job. I identify as submissive, am kinky and yes, I am a sex blogger and an erotic author. There was a time when, besides all of this, I also made paintings and drawings, but I chose to continue channeling my creativity towards writing as I wanted to write books. I succeeded in that, as my first novel has been published in May 2016 and I will continue working on the second as soon as I have the energy to do so (hopefully in 2019).

Like I said above, I am a normal person. If you see me walking down the street, there is nothing that would immediately distinguish me from any other person. Maybe you notice my blondish-grey hair, or my round bottom or maybe even my small breasts or tattoos. I am of average height and I am definitely not thin and even though I am working on that, I will never be as thin as I was back in my early twenties. When I walk down the street I am ‘just another woman’. I do not have a label stuck on me that says ‘sex blogger’ or ‘submissive’, just as there are no labels reading ‘married’ or ‘mother’. Nothing on the outside will tell you who I really am. However, if you read this blog you will get to know most of me.

This is my blog and all words are my own. All feelings and thoughts I write about are real. I write about my fears, my excitement, my nervous moments, my victories and my failures. I write about the growth in our relationship, about my growth. I write about my grief for my mom, about my (mental) health. I share them in all honesty. If my words can help one person out there, it makes me happy. And yes, I like to share photos of myself. I am an exhibitionist by nature, even though I am quite shy too! When I write about my sexual experiences, every word has been penned down in all honesty, coming from my heart.

I’m a hard worker, emphasize with others to the point where I forget about myself, like to help people and in general I think I can describe myself as a nice person to be around.

Submissive & Bisexual

These are two labels I identify myself with, but these are only labels and cannot ever fully describe my needs, wants and likes.

I am submissive to my Husband. He loves me. He owns me.
I love Him. I submit to Him. I’m His. His wife. His sub. His slut.
When we started out on our D/s journey it was confined to the bedroom, but over time it has grown to be inextricably part of our lives. We have 24/7 mindset, but the uninformed in daily life will never notice that I submit to Him, that He owns me. In 2017 our D/s started to slack due to my grief and my husband’s health, but it’s always simmering under the surface and we hope to pick things up again when his health improves.

I like both men and women, which is the reason why I have adopted the label ‘bisexual’, but as I learn more about my own sexuality, I wonder if this still is the correct label. Time will tell…

Erotic author

Other than the words on this blog, I have also been published in several anthologies. I don’t write for anthologies anymore (except Eroticon anthologies), partly because it pays very little, but mainly because I needed all my time and concentration for my first novel, and now to get back on track with my blog. I am quite proud of the fact that I am a published author, but mostly forget about it when I am concentrating on yet a new project or story.

Sex Blogging Community

When I started this blog in 2010 I had no idea that there was such a wonderful sex blogging community out there. Today I am a proud member of this community. I read the words of my colleague-bloggers, look at the images of my fellow exhibitionists and comment on the work of others. Reading words of others help me to understand myself better. I am still learning about myself every day. Sex bloggers give each other advice, have words of comfort when needed, but also acknowledge each other’s work and achievements. It’s a tight community filled with love and respect.

You don’t have to be a blogger if you want to be part of this community. You just have to be yourself, be honest and be respectful of others. Oh and, shocking fact, we don’t talk about sex all day. There are so many other subjects that are dealt with – things we heard on the news, politics, religion, books we have read, movies we have seen, family, our happy and our sad moments.

One thing that helps to build a community is different memes. Memes bring like-minded people together by allowing them to share links with others, reading what others have written and commenting on it.

Other than online communities, there are also gatherings where like-minded people meet, share ideas and learn from each other. One of those is Eroticon, a sex blogging conference happening once a year. As from 2017 this conference is under new management and will take place in London.

On 1 December 2012 I started running a Dutch writing group, but I handed it over to a dear friend on 1 December 2017, as I want to dedicate all my time to my writing and the English community. I also started a new project in 2018 – the Smut Marathon.

Besides all this, I also host four memes:

Want to know more about Marie?

I believe that we are all diamonds with different facets that make us unique. I have many different facets to my being, different hats I wear when having to act in the different roles in my life. You are unique, I am unique and yet, we are all the same.

If you want to know more about me, random facts can be found below, in posts I have done for the “100 Facts about me” meme that ran on Twitter in 2011, as well as some other posts on the net:

Is there anything else you want to know? Just send me a note. You can also follow me on social media by clicking the social buttons on the top right of the screen or clicking on the big buttons below..

Have fun on my site and please leave me comments on my posts… I love comments!

Marie Rebelle

(Last updated: 14.06.2019)

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