Aiming To Please

Image of a woman with red lipstick and licking her lips to go with my story Aiming to Please.
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During the evening, they gravitated towards each other. Both Carla and Theo were single and looking for a partner.

Or at least a one-night stand.

They had both chosen to come to this bar because they always saw the same people at their regular hangouts, and none of those were interesting or interested in them.

When they finally ended up next to each other at the bar, they struck up a conversation, and it soon turned to words with a deliberate sexual undertone.

He’s not the most attractive bloke I’ve been with, Carla thought, but his body is to die for. Look at those arms, his broad chest and narrow hips. Oops, should keep my eyes on his face, I guess!

Ah, she’s checking out the goods, I see. Damn, best not to think about that now, or that stirring will become a raging hard-on. Can’t wait to get my hands on those tits of hers. Big and round and fleshy, just the way I like them.

Did he just look at my breasts? Time to take this party home. His place or mine? Oh, bugger that…

“Want to have the next one at my place?” Carla asked as she finished her drink and just managed not to flutter her eyelashes at Theo.

They never got to that drink.

The moment the door banged shut behind them, their lips locked in a wet, heated kiss and they groped at each other’s clothes.

Carla only had her bra and panties on, and Theo his boxer shorts when she broke off the kiss, grabbed his hands and pulled him towards her bedroom. She wasted no time, turned around, yanked his boxer shorts down — a brief ‘ouch’ escaped him — and took his raging erection in her mouth.

Oh, that’s so good. God, her mouth feels divine. It’s been too long since I felt soft lips around my cock. Grrr… better stop her before I empty my balls in her throat.

Carla looked up at Theo when he pulled from her mouth. She reached around her back to unfasten her bra, loving the lustful expression on his face when he eyed her breasts.

Scooting backwards on the bed, she lifted her hips. He yanked her panties down in one smooth move. Carla spread her legs in invitation and sighed when his lips locked over her clitoris, and he buried his fingers in her cunt.

Oh fuck, that feels so good. Yes, yes!

She’s a horny little thing. Nice and wet and tasting damn good too!

Carla pushed out a long, low moan when her orgasm — the first in many months, not by her own hand — overtook her body.

“I want more,” she said when Theo stopped licking and fingering to look at her. He didn’t need more encouragement than that, and soon his mouth and fingers had her writhing again.

Damn, this woman is hot. She gets hornier with every orgasm. My dick’s so hard. Can’t wait to push it into her hot tunnel.

With her fifth orgasm part of the statistics of their coupling, and working on her sixth, Carla pushed Theo off her and turned over, taking position on her elbows and knees in front of him.

What the fuck? Is she done? Oh wait, she’s turning over. Oh yes, on her knees. Gosh, her cunt is so wet.

If possible, Theo’s erection grew harder.

Carla reached back, spreading herself, and said: “Please fuck me!”

Theo watched in amazement as she spread her buttocks, and noticed her dark hole seeming to open and close, beckoning him closer.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Come on, I am spreading my cunt for you. That should tell you, I am sure. I’m wet right? Just shove that pole of yours in my hole and fuck me, ‘kay?

“Yes, I’m sure. Fuck me. Hard!”

To emphasize her words, Carla tried to reach back further, grabbed more flesh and spread her cunt even more.

Oh, look at that. That hole is begging for it. Wet from her orgasms. Well… the lady asks… the lady gets.

Theo quickly positioned himself behind her.

“Come on! Fuck me! Hard!” she urged him on.

He aimed his cock at her hole, holding it in his hand, guiding it for a smooth entry. Sensing his readiness, Carla pulled hard at the humps of flesh she tried to hold in her hands.

“Holy cow! Oh, my god. Ouch! Fuck, that hurts! What the…”

Carla had fallen to the bed, straightening and stretching her legs, and clutching her muscles so hard she had dragged Theo down with her. He moaned as loud as she swore.

“It hurts, god, it hurts,” Theo moaned.

“Serves you right,” she said. “What the fuck were you thinking, shoving your dick there?”

“But you said you were sure!”

“I meant my cunt!”

“Then why did you spread your cheeks and show me your other hole?” he spat back.

Her body shook, and at first, Theo thought she was crying. Then he realized she had a fit of laughter. Quiet at first, but then the crystal sound of her laughter filled the room.

“I can’t he…” she tried to speak, but the giggling interrupted her.

“I can’t help my arms are so fucking short!”

Years later, this was still a standing joke between them. Whenever she got on her knees in front of him, Theo always asked: Which hole, m’lady?

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