Satisfying The Hunger

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Aragna rushed from the dark inside of the cave out into the sun.

Her transformation was instant — from dark and gloomy to a vision of love and light. Brushing her fingers through her long blond hair, she smoothed out the tangles before flipping it backwards to cascade down her back. Her eyes took in the surrounding beauty. Being in nature fed more than just her soul. She enjoyed the splashes of color in a sea of the different greens of plants and trees.

The balmy rays of the sun warmed her hourglass figure, making her drowsy, but not once she slackened her vigilance. Every birdsong, every rustle of leaves in the wind, and certainly ever crack of branches on the ground, however soft, reached her ears.

She bided her time, waiting for that one creature she instinctively knew would come to her.

It didn’t take long.

Eyes closed, her face turned to the sun, she listened intently as soft footsteps approached.


And two.

Two footsteps.

Only one creature.

Just the way Aragna liked it.

The young man stuttered next to her: “Mi-i-ss?”

Pretending to be startled, Aragna flew off the rock she had lain on, and only stopped meters away before coyly turning around. He profusely apologized for startling her, trying to explain he only wanted to make sure she was okay. She held up her hands to stop the stream of words, which abruptly subsided.

Aragna swirled a string of blond hair around a finger, while slowly stalking towards him.

“I’m perfectly fine,” she spun in her silky voice. “Just enjoying the glorious sun. It seems you are too?”

He nodded, his eyes scanning up and down her perfectly formed body.

“All by yourself?”

“Yes,” he said. “I like to hike alone. It clears my mind and soothes my soul.”

Aragna nodded approvingly.

She slowly circled him, not sure of his intentions and not wanting to be caught off guard. He kept his eyes on her, frequently dropping them along the curvy lines of her body while his tongue flicked over his lips. Her overly developed senses picked up on his interest in her. She moved closer to him, then hopped back onto the rock where she was before.

He looked at loss deciding on his next move until she tapped a spot on the rock. It took him considerably more effort to get on the rock, but soon he sat next to her.

They talked, and they were silent together.

His initial shyness disappeared, making him bold enough to first lean back, putting his hand directly behind her, then moving it closer and running it up and down her back. Her body responded; her smile invited him closer. Their lips touched, the sweet stickiness of hers making it linger longer.

When his hand slipped under her blouse and cupped her flesh, Aragna arched her back and moaned. An unspoken message passed between them as they stared in each other’s eyes.

Lust was written in his; hunger in hers.

“I know a place,” she lisped, and slid off the rock.

Hand in hand, with a skip in her step, she pulled him with her, twice stopping to turn around and kiss him. He could barely keep his hands off her.

At the opening of the looming cave, still in the sun, Aragna stopped again. Her arms flew around his neck, pulling him in for a long, sensual kiss. Her biting his lip made him pull away in surprise, the hunger in her eyes fuelling his lust.

Aragna stepped back into the shadows, her hind feet seeking her safe haven; her fangs breaking his fall. She pulled his limp body into her web, while cocooning it tightly in her silky threads, and hearing the satisfying snap of his bones.

He will satisfy her hunger… for now.

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