A Monster In Disguise

Warning: Mentions violence

The back of his hand colored her cheek crimson. The cold stone wall behind her helped her balance on shaky legs.

Did he just…?

He tangled his fingers in her hair, holding her right in front of him. There was no time for fear as blackness threatened to envelop her when a lightning pain shot through her forehead.

Not once.

Not twice.


Her knees buckled.

She wanted to close her eyes; wanted to give in to the safety the dark promised her.

She didn’t.

Forcing her eyes open, she watched in horror as his face closed in towards her own…

She counted the day she met him as one of the best in her life. Being a wallflower at parties was her default, but that night he danced with her until the lights went on. He courted her after that. Romantic candlelight dinners, trips to the country, overnight stays in hotels.

Nothing was too much for him.

He doted on her, and occupied her mind, body, and soul every minute of her days.

He introduced her to his parents and met hers. Not only her parents, but also other family members. They liked him, and he liked them.

He said.

Every time her family invited them to dinner, he had an excuse for them not to go. She hadn’t realized this at first, until her mom said: “It’s been a year since we saw you, Mandy.”

That was when he changed — the evening she told him she had visited her mother after work.

Mandy had never seen him that angry.

Gone was the kind gentleman; the man she had fallen for.

The monster remained.

His daily calls were not about telling her how much he loved her anymore. He checked in with her every hour. Sometimes even called a colleague and asked to be transferred to her office, wanting to be sure she was where she should be. He checked the mileage on her car when she came home, even though he followed her movements on an app he had forced her to install on her phone.

He trapped Mandy in his golden cage.

That was three years ago.

… and his forehead slammed into hers again.

The metallic smell of blood filled her nostrils before the warm, sticky fluid clouded her vision. Blood trickled from a gash in her forehead, running into her eye and towards the corner of her mouth.

“Filthy bitch, go clean yourself up!”

There was no sympathy in his voice.

Only contempt.



She did as she was told, and quietly slipped into bed next to him that night, too afraid to sleep in the spare room.

The next morning, upon arriving at the office, she immediately went to her line manager and arranged an indefinite leave of absence, effective immediately. Mandy threw her mobile phone in the garbage container behind the office building on her way to her car.

Only when she saw the city in her rearview mirror, she breathed a sigh of relief. Gently, she touched the plaster on her forehead, concealed by her hair, and winced in pain.

Never again, she vowed, never again will she allow a man to control her.

Note: This story is part fiction, part fact, but I will leave it up to you to decide which is which.

© Rebel’s Notes

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