Bottoms And Fun

An image showing my bottom to go with the story about having fun with bottoms.

Nervous giggling filled the air of the dungeon’s locker room while the three friends changed into the skimpy lingerie lain out for them.

“Did he tell you what will happen?” Darly asked the other two.

“No,” they reply in choir and then Janice continued: “he only asked if I could handle a bit of pain.”

“He asked me the same,” said Pam, and Darly nodded.

Dressed in bras barely covering their nipples, and knickers leaving their bottoms bare, the three women walked to the door, where each covered their eyes with a blindfold.

“Are we ready?” Darly asked, and the tension in the air caused her voice to quiver.

Janice and Pam grunted their reply, and taking it as a ‘yes’, Darly knocked on the door three times.

Then they waited.

It took the better part of ten minutes for the door to open.

“Ready to go, ladies?” Vaughn asked, but he didn’t wait for an answer.

“Hold on to each other,” he said, then took Darly’s hand and led them to where he wanted them.

He positioned them next to each other, and one by one, he donned cuffs on their wrists and clicked the restraints together, immobilizing their arms. Next he tied their arms to hooks hanging from the ceiling, and secured their feet to hooks on the floor, their legs spread slightly.

“Asking again: can you handle a bit of pain?”

The three friends eagerly nodded.

“Remember the word to stop it?” Vaughn asked.

“Red!” the almost naked women answered in choir.

“Good stuff,” Vaughn smiled. “Let’s see who lasts the longest.”

Even though they couldn’t see a thing, the three women turned their heads to look at each other. This was something Vaughn hadn’t mentioned beforehand – that there would be an element of competition in what he had in mind.

Janice, the middle of the three tied women, was the first to cry out. Pam and Darly followed in quick succession. Soon, the moaning and grunting mingled to a chorus of pain and pleasure.

With their bottoms nicely warming up, the women now recognized the zing of the whip through the air before it kissed their naked bottoms. Sometimes they pushed their bottoms backwards to meet the pain, other times they winced away when the whip approached.

Each of them wanted to last until the very end, but Pam was the first to call ‘red’ when the tip of the whip almost drew blood from her bottom.

Her forceful cry scared Darly so much that she called ‘red’ even before the whip touched her a next time.

Janice cried out too, shortly after Darly, but her words were different.

“Please don’t stop,” she begged Vaughn.

Over and over the whip touched her now-red bottom – left, right, both, and sometimes it kissed the tender skin just below the rounding of her cheeks. The more the lashes rained down on her behind, the more the sounds she made sounded like noises of pleasure.

Vaughn recognized the building towards something bigger than herself. He paused for a moment, then swung his arm again, starting slowly and building up speed. The quicker the whip touched her bright red bottom, the louder her breathing became.

The lashes built in speed and intensity. With almost no pauses between the lashes, and swinging as hard as he could, Vaughn watched as Darly’s body went rigid, and listened as she moaned in one continuous wail.

Trickles of wetness ran down the inside of Darly’s legs when her body went limp in the ties.

Vaughn allowed Darly moments to recover while he untied Janice and Pam. Once he had undone Darly’s ties, he held her close, making sure her legs had regained their strength.

He removed their blindfolds, hugged them all close and, with a last slap on their naked bottoms, told them to get dressed so they could all go out for dinner.

Once again, the dressing room filled with giggles, but now it was mixed with awe because of their experience, a first time for them all.

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