The Annual April Fool

Red roses to go with my April fool story.
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Erin ducked behind her computer when he entered the office, furiously hitting the letters on her keyboard. Butterflies scattered around in her tummy, causing a scowl to distort her face.

Why, oh why, does he have this effect on me?

She dared to look up when she heard his voice and instantly regretted it. His dark eyes bored into hers, and it took all her effort to tear hers away and look back at her screen.

For gawd’s sake, she swore inwardly, if you talk to someone else, look at them, not me!

She read the email on her screen, and switched to her online calendar to add a reminder to follow up the case in two weeks. That was when her eye fell on the date: 31 March.

Oh no!

Glancing at him then was an involuntary action on her part, but with him now paying attention to her colleague meant he didn’t see the death stare in her eyes.

Tomorrow was the first day of April, and for the past years, he had played his stupid pranks. Not on any of the other colleagues though.

No, she had always been his victim.

What in the world possessed him to make a fool of her, she could never understand. It didn’t make her like him. In fact, just the sight of him made her stomach retch.

Yeah right, keep on telling yourself that, you like him.

She ignored the voice in her head, remembering how dumb his childish pranks had made her feel, such as when she wanted to use her computer mouse and keyboard, and neither had worked. She changed the batteries, but still to no avail. It took her an hour to discover he had unplugged them from the CPU of her computer.

Or the year she had picked up the office phone when it rang, and it kept on ringing. She had looked at it, dumbfounded, put the receiver down and picked it up again, with the same result. Yes, it had taken her minutes to work it out and look for the piece of paper he had wedged under the receiver to make sure it kept on ringing.

Then there was last year when she thought he had finally given up. The morning had passed without incident and by the time they went out for lunch, she had finally relaxed. She returned from lunch to find her computer screen upside down. Not the actual screen, but what was on it. All her programs were displayed upside down.

Erin was furious and stormed into his office, raging and… like a market woman. She didn’t care who heard her, and all her pent up anger and humiliation of years poured out into her words.

He had followed her like a puppy on a leash, profusely apologizing, and changed her screen back to normal.

And here they were… the day before whatever prank he would play on her this year. For a few moments Erin contemplated taking the day off, but being in finance, this was impossible. It was the busiest time of the month.

His eye caught hers, and she quickly looked back at the screen.

This year I will be prepared, Erin thought.

She wasn’t.

The first working day of April passed without any incident, and with a sigh of relief Erin closed the door behind her when she walked to her car. She fully expected a flat tire or anything to prevent her from going home, but nothing happened.

Another sigh escaped her when she pulled into the driveway at the side of her cottage. Finally! After years of anxiety and humiliation, now finally he seemed to have gotten the message.

Then why are you disappointed?

She shrugged her shoulders to get rid of the voices while grabbing her bag and getting out of the car. Halfway to her front door, she stopped in her tracks.

A huge bouquet of red roses stood on her front porch.

What the…?

Erin spotted the card inside the sea of dark red, and carefully pulled it out, prepared for something to blow up in her face.

Nothing did.

I’ve tried to get your attention for years, but since that didn’t work, I figured I need to change my tactics. I will pick you up for dinner at 7pm.

She couldn’t stop the flutter in her tummy, which was the total opposite of her outrage. Did he really think he could just tell her to be ready? The audacity! This obviously was just a new way to prank her. There was no way she would adhere to his request.

But you want to!

And she did…

Years later, he still played pranks on her, putting vodka in her breakfast glass of orange juice, or hiding an engagement ring under her eggs benedict. She nearly broke her tooth on that one! Every time he pranked her, it made both of them laugh and remember his awkward way of showing his interest.

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4 thoughts on “The Annual April Fool

  1. Nice story. And the end in the style of “happy end”. But, people do not change and he continues his jokes in the same style.

  2. This surprised me the first time I read it, and all over again today! Great storytelling – I liked the way it built.

    Some girls I worked with glued the receiver of the phone to the base of the phone, so when their colleague picked it up to answer, she hit herself on the head with the base of the phone. They laughed, I don’t think their colleague did!

    1. Oh, in my younger years and back in the military, we played so many pranks on each other, and no, at the time, we couldn’t laugh about it 😉

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