A Night In New York

Photo by Uwe Conrad on Unsplash

They gracefully twirled to the beat of the music, her Marilyn Monroe dress fanning out around her. Hailey had the urge to push it back down, but threw her head back, surrendering to the grandeur of the music as he turned her once more and they moved between the other dancing pairs.

The magic of the big band music coursed through every vein in her body, exciting her much more than the announcement of her promotion had only half an hour earlier during the director’s lengthy speech. Climbing the corporate ladder sped up after the day she had closed that deal in a room full of men.

From that day on, they knew she was a force to be reckoned with, despite her sexy dresses, swinging hips and high heels. That day turned out even better when she met this man now expertly steering her around on the dance floor.

They had been together since the blizzard of the century. They still talk about it, maybe not so much about the snowstorm, but definitely that cab ride.

Meeting during a blizzard turned out to be symbolic, as their relationship was just as stormy, but not in a negative way. Even after being together for months, they still devoured each other each moment they were together.

Which was most nights.

Hailey pushed the thought of their sexual escapades to the back of her mind when the song ended. He pulled her off the dance floor with him, towards the open door of the balcony.

There in the cool evening air, surrounded by the sound of trombones mixed with pianos, trumpets laced with drums, they kissed. The lights of New York buildings illuminated their silhouettes, but not enough for anyone to see the hand he slipped under her dress, cupping and squeezing a cheek.

Hailey leaned into him, wanting nothing more for him to take her right there. She loved this man, and blessed the day she found him,

Wait! What? Hailey?!

She pulled away from him and shook her head. Did she really just thought that? She loved him?

In the low light, she studied his face.

Yes, I love him.

He looked surprised when a giggle escaped her and she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer for a deep kiss.

“I can’t wait to go home,” she whispered in his ear. “You might just have to circle the block several times.”

“You deviant,” he said, squeezing her breast, running his hand over the curve of her hip and under her dress, this time dipping into the wetness of her core.

On the brink of her climax, the louder sound of the big band interrupted their shenanigans.

“Let’s dance, wet woman!” he said when he removed his fingers, leaving her aching and empty.

He swung her back into his arms, lightly resting his right hand on the small of her back, and his left holding her right. They look deep into each other’s eyes, passing silent messages of a life ahead of them, while humming to the music.

“Whatever the future brings, we’ll always have nights in New York,” he said.

Hailey laughed, throwing her head back once more and giving in to the sultry rhythm of the big band.

Nights in New York, she thought. Somehow with him, they’re always hot.

Gawd, I want him.

I want him.


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