Riding Up To Floor Forty-Four

Photo by Pawel Szvmanski on Unsplash

Had they not been already, the jolt with which the lift came to a halt would have thrown Jack and Julia into each other’s arms.

Jack glanced at the lighted numbers on the display above the door.

“Twenty-seven and twenty-eight,” he said. “I guess we’re stuck between those floors.”

He wanted to free himself from Julia’s embrace, but her hand on his cheek turned his face back to face her.

“We have unfinished business,” she said.

He instantly understood.

Lowering his head back to hers, they continued their kiss, and his hands roamed the side of her body again. He had trapped her between the back wall of the lift and his body, but she made no attempt to escape.

In fact, she grabbed his hand and moved it to her breast. Her intent made clear, she lowered her hands to the belt on his pants and fumbled to loosen it.

A groan echoed off the mirrored walls of the enclosed space when she freed his cock. He moaned even louder when she crouched and took him in her mouth. Steadying himself against the wall, he alternated looking down and watching her in the mirror while she sucked him.

He bucked his hips to fuck her mouth, but almost to the point of no return, he abruptly pulled out of her mouth, grabbed her shoulders, and turned her to face the wall.

Together, they pulled up her dress. His momentary surprise at her nakedness above the stockings disappeared as she hungrily speared herself on his erection.

Jack slowly fucked Julia while their reflection showed his rigid member moving in and out of her body.

Their lovemaking was frantic.

For weeks they had eyes each other in the office on the forty-fourth floor, and sexual tension was palpable not only for them but also their colleagues had gotten a notion of their mutual attraction. Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before they fucked each other.

Some thought they already had.

“Your cunt is as tight as I thought it would be,” Jack panted between thrusts.

“Your. Dick. Is. A. Perfect. Fit.” Julia said, each word uttered when he slammed deep into her.

They moaned and panted.

Groaned and mumbled.


He was the first to capitulate to the onslaught of her vaginal walls on the sensitive flesh of his member.

The spasms of his cock also sent Julia over the edge.

While his cum started trickling out of her pussy, the two of them pulled their clothes back into place, and Julia turned towards the mirror and combed through her hair with her fingers.

Satisfied they were both presentable again, Jack raised his hand to press the emergency button.

He jerked his hand back, and Julia let out a scream when the lift jolted back to life. They both looked up at the display and watched the numbers run up to their floor.

Just before the lift doors opened, their eyes shot up at the ceiling of the lift as a voice filled the space: “Thank you for the show, Julia and Jack!”

Sheepish grins decorated their faces as they glanced up at the camera inside the lift, something both of them had forgotten about in their lust-filled frenzy.

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