Excited Bodies And Risky Speed

Image of a woman sitting on a car, wearing denims and a bra top, to go with my story Exciting Bodies And Risky Speed.
Photo by Jason Yoder on Unsplash

It was the first time Laura had come to the track with him.

They had only been together for two months, and from their first conversation, he had made no secret of his love for fast cars.

His fast car.

Laura wasn’t particularly fond of cars, but she wanted to please him newly in love.

She ended up pleasing herself.

Standing outside the fence on the far side — for maximum pleasure, he had said — she heard the roar of the car when he drove onto the track. She watched as the car rounded the bend and raced towards her. The sound swelled, got bigger, louder.

Laura held her breath. She fixed her eyes on the approaching car. Every fiber of her body vibrated with the roaring sound. It swooshed by her, and as the sound raced away with it, Laura let out her breath.

She glided a hand over her breast, feeling a hard nub brushing against her palm.

Her mouth open, her breathing shallow, she waited for the car to round the bend and speed towards her again.

Her excitement built in harmony with the roaring sound of the car. A trickle of wetness escaped from between her legs.

Laura shook her head.

What in the world was happening to her?

Cars had never excited her this way.

Why now?

The next time the car approached, she fought the feeling — the excitement — keeping her eyes on the vehicle and trying to understand her sudden fascination. Trying to understand the reactions of her body.

With her eyes fixed on the car, her body vibrated in unison with the approaching roar.

Breathing labored, nipples hard, and wetness pooling, Laura understood.

It wasn’t the car. It was the speed. The sound.

It traveled through her body, and her lust built every time the car roared past. She hovered on the edge of a delicious cliff.

When the sound of the car died down on the other side of the track, she lifted her skirt and slipped her hand inside her panties and two fingers into her wetness.

It wasn’t enough.

Laura sagged to the ground, her back against the fence, spread her legs, and pulled the scant fabric to the side. She watched as her hands danced across her tender bits, her body now vibrating from the low groans escaping her mouth.

Finally, Laura found the release she wanted. She threw her head back, her eyes closed, and pushed out a low sound for the length of her release.

Her eyes flew open when he spoke in front of her: “Told ya… maximum pleasure!”

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