The Wrong Number

“Out! Get out! You’re fired! Out!”

Everyone in the hallway stopped when the voice sounded from the CEO’s office. With about five others, Rob watched as Angie, the CEO’s secretary, stumbled into the hallway with her bag and coat clutched against her body.

Tears streamed down her face as she moved towards the elevators with unseeing eyes. She pushed the button to call the lift, but then immediately abandoned waiting and walked towards the stairs. Through the glass in the door closing behind her, Rob saw her heading downstairs.

The ping of the lift set everyone back in movement and returning to their daily business as if nothing happened. Rob rushed to the lift, stepped in, and pushed the button for the ground floor. Impatiently, he waited for the lift to rush down the twenty floors of the office building. Irritation surged through him when the lift stopped on the fifteenth floor and again on the eighth.

Just when he thought he would reach the ground floor well in time to catch Angie before she disappeared between the people on the street, the lift stopped on the third floor.

More people got in.

It stopped twice more — on the second and the first floors. By the time the lift doors closed for the last time, the lift was crammed. The doors opened and across the heads of the people in front of him, Rob saw Angie pass by the lift and heading for the front doors.

People around him swore when he pushed them aside to follow her. He was just in time to grab her arm as she stepped through the glass doors leading to the street.

“Angie, wait,” he said.

She swung around and looked at him with tear-filled eyes.

“What?” she snapped.

Glancing around him and saying nothing, he steered her out of the building towards an alley between their office building and the next, where they could talk in private.

Angie was too distressed and surprised to even think about fighting him. She just followed. In the alley, Rob looked at her and it flashed through his mind how attractive she was. For months now, he had been watching her, trying to build up the courage to walk up to her and invite her for a drink. He never dared and yet he didn’t hesitate for one moment to bring her here, thinking she might completely disappear from his life.

“What happened back there?” he asked.


Her voice was still unfriendly.

“The CEO?”

She shook her head, and tears filled her eyes again.

“I… I… ” she stuttered. Angie swallowed and tried again. “I had to…”

Then she stopped, looked puzzled, and suddenly she burst into laughter. Rob stood perplexed for a second. Then he realized Angie was hysterical. He pulled her into his arms, trying to calm her.

“I had to make a call. I had to connect him to his mistress. But I dialed the wrong number and connected him to his wife. He used the wrong name.”

She started laughing again.

Rob held her at arm’s length and saw the mischief in her eyes. She wasn’t hysterical at all. The memory of what she did had her doubling with laughter.

She looked up at him, opened her mouth to speak, but the words and laughter died on her lips. Unspoken messages pulled them closer together.

Lips touched.

A tender kiss followed.

Their tongues touched, and passion took over. Oblivious of anything around him, hidden from the world by a pillar, they kissed as if their lives depended on it. Rob’s hands lowered to cup her buttocks. She pressed her hips against his, rubbing herself against him.

With his fingers, he walked her skirt upward, until he could slip his hand under. It surprised him to find stockings and a thong. Her buttocks were bare and smooth.

She sighed into his mouth as his hand gripped her flesh. Angie pulled her upper body away from Rob’s; her eyes fixed on his.

Slowly, she lifted her leg.

Her intentions were obvious.

Silence communication passed between them as Rob one-handedly unzipped his pants and freed his cock from its confinement. It took only seconds for him to enter Angie. As urgent as his movement was when he entered her, just as slowly, he moved in and out of her. His slow motions lasted only a fraction of time in eternity, as soon he picked up his pace, rushing towards the first orgasms to still their urgent hunger.

A shy smile covered her face when she lowered her leg and pulled her clothes back into position.

Rob waited for Angie to look at him, but she kept her gaze down. With a finger under her chin, he gently forced her to look at him.

“Will you go back up with me?” Rob asked.

“Back in there? I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. If you accept the job as my secretary.”

“Your secretary?” Angie asked in disbelief, “you can’t have a secretary.”

“And why not?” he asked with a sly smile.

“Because… because…” Angie just looked at him. She realized she didn’t know his position in the firm. She had seen him around, knew his first name, but never questioned what work he did.

“Who are you?” she asked instead.

“I, my dear,” he said, pulling her into his embrace again, “am the owner of the company.”

Note: I wrote this story in September 2014, shared it on Medium in February 2022 and sharing it here today.

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