The Future Express

Image of a steam train locomotive.
Photo by Terence Burke on Unsplash

The dragged-out wail of the steam trumpet echoed off the walls of the small-town station as the train shocked into movement with a huff.

Benjamin was used to the sound, and that wasn’t what made him look out the window. No, the commotion outside drew his attention — a woman’s voice calling out.

“Miss Adelaide! Wait! Miss Adelaide!”

At the far end of the platform, two women struggled to keep piles of suitcases on a trolley and keep up with — whom Benjamin assumed was — Adelaide. The beauty held onto her long dress, lifting it high enough to show her dainty shoes and ankles.

Scandalous, Benjamin thought with a smile, admiring the view of the young woman running towards the slowly moving train, her hat flying behind her, only staying with her because of the ribbons tied around her neck.

She laughed as she jumped onto the step of the train and grabbed the railing. Hanging from it, she called out to her maids: “Catch the next one!”

“Miss Adelaide, no! Get down immediately!” the older of the two women called out, sweat beading on her forehead and her hands firmly on her hips.

“You wouldn’t want me to injure myself now, would you, Mary?”

Her crystal laugh pleased Benjamin’s ears, and he watched as she waved to the two perplexed maids.

Just then, they reached the end of the platform, and Adelaide disappeared from his view. Moments later, she entered the compartment opposite from his, fun still written all over her face.

Adelaide only noticed him when she sat down. She blushed deeply, defiance shining in her eyes while she took in his appearance. Benjamin instantly stood up and walked over to her.

“I couldn’t help to notice your maids abandoning you, Miss…” he said, allowing his word to proclaim her innocence.

“Adelaide,” she completed his sentence, her eyes not once diverting from his handsome features.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Adelaide. I’m Benjamin of Maple Head.”

She laid her hand in his outstretched one, not acknowledging his noble descent or revealing hers.

“Allow me to chaperone you to your destination, Miss Adelaide,” he said, and sat down on the bench opposite her.

“I don’t need a chaperone!” Adelaide snapped, her eyes shooting daggers at him. “And don’t you dare say a lady is not supposed to travel alone. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

She pushed her chin forward, and her eyes challenged him to contradict her.

Challenge accepted, Benjamin thought.

“I’m sure your father will be of a different opinion, Miss Adelaide of Falcon Manor.”

Her eyes grew wide when she realized he knew who she was. And… he probably knew her father, the Lord of Falcon Manor.

Benjamin watched as this realization dawned on her, and relished in the different expressions flashing across her face. From surprise to caution to determination.

“My father knows I can take care of myself!”

“He might know that, but I’m sure he would also want your reputation to stay intact.”

At first, she just stared at him.

Then she started laughing uncontrollably. When she spoke, venom laced her voice.

“You are a joke, Sir Benjamin of Maple Head. You want to chaperone me? To keep my reputation intact? You? An unmarried man? Known as a Casanova? You make me laugh, Playboy Ben!”

A shriek filled the corners of the compartment.

Adelaide found herself across Benjamin’s lap, her dress with all its under layers pushed up to her waist, exposing the delicate white bloomers. He spread the opening at the back, exposing her porcelain white bottom, while keeping her down with one strong hand. Before she could fathom the speed with which he had moved her into this predicament, the first blow fell on her bare cheeks. Instead of pain, she tensed anger.

“Is this your way of protecting a woman, Sir Playboy?”

She knew she had gotten to him, using the nickname everyone called him behind his back.

Adelaide grunted when he spanked her several times in quick succession.

“I wonder how my father would react to the atrocity of your ways,” she chided him.

“The. Way. Any. Father. Would.”

He accompanied every word with yet another slap to her behind, listening to her moans.

“Killing you! That’s how!”

He spanked her hard.


One blow to each cheek, ignoring her cries.

Then he pushed her back in her seat with the same speed he had dragged her across his lap.

“No, m’lady. Not kill me.”

Her bottom burning with the imprints of his hand, she scowled at him.

Once more, Benjamin enjoyed the different expressions crossing her face — from anger to shame to surprise.

He saw the moment she really understood his words.

She stared at him, disbelief in her eyes.

“Yes, Miss Adelaide,” he smiled at her with undisguised lust. “I will do the honorable thing. At least now I don’t have to ask your father for your hand.”

Six weeks later, they entered the mansion of Maple Head together: husband and wife.

Note: I first wrote this story for Medium, for the Tantalizing Tales prompt of ‘trains’.

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