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A screenshot of the website of the wholesale sex toy company, SexToySupply.

Back in May, I had a three-week break from work, and where I would have loved to go away for a couple of days, that just wasn’t in the cards because of Master T’s health.

Because I wanted the break to be meaning, I decided to make the vacation time all about decluttering. One thing that needed to be done was to go through all the sex toys we had gained over the years, most of them for product reviews.

We have four large drawers under our bed – two on either side – each of them one meter wide and eighty centimeters deep. On my side, both of them were filled entirely with sex toys. When I was done decluttering, one of them was only half filled, and my favorite toys had made it to the small drawer in my bedside table.

Why am I telling you about throwing away so many toys?

Because with so much space, I can now look around to order toys I want to replace, or always had a desire to own.

Wholesale website

One site I looked at is SexToySupply, a site for wholesale sex toys.

SexToySupply started in 2011 and grew out to become the largest, best and most trustworthy supplier of sex toys. They have two large offices in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, China, and a large warehouse in the United States.

Their philosophy is to become the best one-stop online shop for top quality sex toys. They aim to have competitive prizes, a large variety and the longest warranty time. SexToySupply has gained the trust of customers in over eighty countries.

What can you buy at SexToySupply?

Everything and anything sex-toy related.

You will not find toys from known brands here, but you will find similar toys.

On this site I have talked about my clitoral suction toy before, and even tested one of a different brand. If you use the dropdown menu for Vibrators on SexToySupply, there’s an option called ‘Clitoral Vibrators‘, which will take you to similar toys in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Thinking of the ode I once wrote to my favorite sex toy, I search the site for ‘wand massagers‘ and ‘magic wand’, discovering a couple of brightly colored items.

My two steel butt plugs remained in my drawer too, and thinking of those I checked SexToySupply for their selection of plugs. This reminded me ot only that I also have a jeweled plug, but made me look at more of their anal toys.

Kink and other items on SexToySupply

Where the two drawers on my side of the bed were filled with sex toys, one of the drawers on Master T’s side was full of kink toys – cuffs, collars, rope, clamps, canes, floggers and more.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also check the kink items on SexToySupply.

When you use the ‘Bondage‘ dropdown menu, everything’s there, from cuffs and clamps, to bondage kits and blindfolds, to sex machines, sex furniture and sex swings.

Where none of the items I mentioned above are gender specific, it was good to see there’s a specific section for male sex toys, where they feature penis masturbators, sleeves, rings, and pumps.

And then, of course, there’s a separate dropdown menu for ‘Lingerie‘, featuring items for all genders.

Other important information

SexToySupply seems like a solid website, and with their 10+ track record, you can expect good service from them.

They offer worldwide delivery, safe payment via PayPal or credit card (they don’t keep your information), good customer support (24/7 and reaction within 1 day), and buyer protection (7 day customer satisfaction).

Come on, browse the website with me!

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