Snippets Of Kindness

An overall blue image of nature and rain, and a woman walking away and on each side a hand holds onto her long dress.

Prudence opened her front door, stretched her hand out as if to feel the air, and glanced up at the dark sky. Her eyes followed a raindrop down to the ground, where it splattered amongst its friends in a frenzied dance.

Prudence smiled as she watched the little fairy-drops swirl in their silver dresses.

She grabbed the umbrella, opened it, locked the door, and skipped down the stairs.

“Good morning, beauties,” she said and laughed as the drops swirled around her feet.

Her brisk walk brought her closer to the bus stop. On the other side of the street, an older woman struggled behind her walker. She wore a raincoat, but wet strands of her hair stuck to her face, which stood close to tears.

Prudence lifted her hand and waved.

Relief flooded the face of the woman, while Prudence skipped on in the rain, a smile on her face.

The shop was busy that day. Some people dashed in to escape the rain; others were on a mission to find that one piece of clothing for a special occasion.

Halfway through the afternoon, a young, curvy woman browsed through the evening dresses. Prudence hovered close by, waiting to be of assistance to her and an older woman, who later appeared to be her mother.

The woman pulled one dress after the other from the rack, glanced at her mother and hung it back. The look of dismissal on the mother’s face told the young woman whether she approved of the dress.

“If only you could lose some of that weight. Any of these dresses would’ve been perfect had it not been for that belly of yours. Not to speak of your bottom.”

Hearing the mother’s harsh words, Prudence decided it was time to step in.

She lifted her hand and brushed it through her hair, then stepped towards the two women.

“Let me help you,” she said.

Both women took an involuntary step back. Prudence reached for the first dress the young woman had looked at earlier, a beautiful soft lime-colored dress in mixes of satin and chiffon.

The mother’s face broke into a smile.

“It’s stunning,” she said, and then looked at her daughter, who looked at her mother as if seeing her for the first time. Only minutes before, her mother had dismissed the dress without a word.

Prudence quickly extracted another dress from the rack, this time in cashmere in cobalt blue, and adorned with beautiful lace in the same color.

“Oh yes,” the mother exclaimed. “Beautiful!”

The daughter eventually tried on dresses in every color of the rainbow, and with each the mother exclaimed how beautiful her daughter looked. It took fitting several dresses for the young woman to finally relax and warm to her mother’s enthusiasm.

By the time they left the store, arms lovingly linked, the mother had paid for two dresses, since she wanted her daughter to have both.

That wasn’t Prudence’s doing.

After work, Prudence popped into the coffee shop as she did every day after work. She loved the buzzing of voices around her, and allowing the working day to settle as a memory.

It was while she sat thinking of the happiness on that young woman’s face that she noticed a handsome man in the far corner of the coffee shop. He was alone, and he had a laptop open on the table in front of him.

He glanced down at the screen, typed, stopped, typed some more, stopped again and scowled at his screen. Then he rested his chin on his hand and blankly stared out in front of him. He repeated this over and over, and every time he sat there staring, his expression was more troubled.

Prudence lifted her hand to pick up her coffee cup, but before she did, she traced a circle in the air, just above the surface of the table.

A smile formed around her face as the handsome man’s face lit up, and he looked down at his screen. He started typing, and by the time Prudence left the shop almost an hour later, he had still not stopped.

Approaching her house, Prudence looked up as the first raindrops fell down, and little silvery fairy-dresses danced around her feet, the same way they did that morning. She skipped up the steps, opened the door, glanced over her shoulder, and slipped inside.

Lifting her hands to cut through the air, she smiled as her tiny elf friends appeared from their places of hiding.

A serene feeling settled in Prudence.

She had once been one of them until she had made the choice to change to a human form. She had witnessed moments of unnecessary suffering and wanted to pour snippets of kindness over humankind.

For now, she needed to replenish her power.

Tomorrow she will go out again to do her magic where needed.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image by Valgerd Kossmann from Pixabay

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  1. what a clever writer you are – there should be more Prudence in the world today – thank you for bringing a smile to my face – you area beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and mind and I hope Prudence smiles over you every day xxxx

    1. Thank you so much, Alan, for your lovely comment! It takes so little to be kind to others xox

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