It Happened After Dark

“Yes! Oh yes!”

He stopped.

The side street was empty.

Several lights tried to push away the darkness. Halfway down the street, stairs led up to an apartment, but from where he stood, he couldn’t see anyone on the landing. In fact, there was no movement at all.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Marco took a step into the street.

The voice was that of a woman, obviously enjoying and encouraging whatever was happening. Images filled his mind. Somewhere, in one of the darker portals, he pictured a woman being fucked by a man.

He was sure her orgasmic words could mean nothing else.

Maybe she stood leaned against a wall, her hips cocked forward with him — the man — fucking her. Maybe she had her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck, and his cock buried deep inside her. Even better if he fucked her from behind, maybe with a handful of her hair in his fist.

The vivid images in Marco’s head stirred his cock in his pants. Involuntarily, his hand touched his crotch and pushed his member into a more comfortable position.

He reached the stairs. Marco had been looking into alleys and doorways, but he didn’t see the woman he had heard earlier. Apparently, the voice came from somewhere further down the street. Just then, he heard it again.

“Oh! Fuck! Yes!”

This time, the voice came from behind him.

Marco turned and peered across the street. No one was there. No one he could see. For a moment, he hesitated. Then he crossed the street. He stood still and listened.

Not a sound.

Marco took two steps toward a doorway and stopped.

Still no sound.

Two more steps. He was almost close enough to peer into the doorway, but still he saw nothing.

His instinct told him someone was there. Again he pictured the man fucking the woman. Half a step forward brought him into eye contact with a woman. She crouched against the wall, her arms stretched forward and clearly holding onto something.

The man’s legs, of course, Marco thought. Mmm, had they switched positions? He must be about to come and she’s going to swallow.

She kept her eyes on him as he quietly stepped closer. He couldn’t see her expression, but he saw the legs she held onto. Only one more step kept him from the line of sight of the man. He smiled at the woman, encouraging her to continue, and took the step.

It wasn’t a man, but a woman holding her skirt up around her waist, her hips thrust forward. The crouching woman ignored Marco and turned her attention to the bare pussy in front of her.

“Oh yes, lick me baby,” the standing woman said, “right there. Yes. Oh fuck, yes!”

Words poured from her mouth and disappeared into the waterfall of darkness around them.

Marco stepped into the doorway. His eyes quickly adjusted to the dark. He watched while the squatting woman licked and fingered the other. The other moaned and turned her head from side to side.

He freed his hard cock from his pants. Glancing sideways, the crouching woman kept her eyes on his moving hand while she licked and sucked her friend and rubbed between her own legs.

“A bit more, please baby,” the standing woman begged, her hands resting on her friend’s head, her hips bucking as she fucked the teasing tongue.

“Yes, more, yes, please, oh, yes, fuck yes.”

She grabbed her tits and turned her head to watch Marco. Both women kept their eyes on his erection; the movement of his hand. They moaned and grunted and breathed hard as their orgasms neared; then flooded through them.

The sight and sound of it were too much. Marco erupted in bright white streams of semen, landing on the face of the one and the leg of the other woman.

“Fuck, yes!” was the last he heard when he walked back to the main street.

Note: I wrote this story in July 2016, edited it for Medium in January 2022, and now shared it here.

© Rebel’s Notes

8 thoughts on “It Happened After Dark

  1. I love the twist of being woman on woman. There are many ways to sexual gratification after all. I also wanted to thank you for hosting Wicked Wednesday and your gracious comments to me.

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