The Last Moments Of A Decaying Life

Image of a dying sunflower to go with the last moments of a life, after thirteen years of fighting a virus.

He doesn’t blink while he stares at the ceiling, watching the highlights of his life flash before him.

The moment is near.

He feels it.

That ultimate moment when he will leave this life behind.


He wants to shake his head, to reprimand himself for welcoming death. He’s not ungrateful for his life, but the past thirteen years were difficult.

Even more so — the past thirteen weeks.

The pain.

The ever-present damn pain.

That, and his weight.

Life is draining out of him.

Every time he looked in the mirror, he was thinner. Bones showed. First, his collarbones. Then his hips. His legs. And finally, his ribs.

He knows he has lost more weight here in this hospice bed. He has felt it when he’s had the strength to run his hands over his body. Although it’s something he’s tried not to do too often, remembering how he hated seeing his body give up.

It’s been two weeks since he last looked in the mirror, and then his cheeks were hollow, his eyes without spark.

That’s what the disease has done to him — decaying his body and his mind.

It has stolen his will to live.

To fight.

To be.

He’s been praying for death to come to get him. To redeem him.

Not because he hates life, but he hates being alive like this.

Skin and bones.

A shadow of the person he once was.

He closes his eyes and sees the image of himself in his healthy years. His neatly trimmed mustache. A face with a healthy complexion. A smile and a glimmer in his eyes. His beautiful dark brown hair, combed to the side, every single strand in its place.

A tear trickles from his eyes.

He isn’t that man anymore. Never will be again.

It’s time to surrender. Time to transition into the next world.

He wants to.

Wants the peace of nothingness.

Needs it.

He never opens his eyes again.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz, from Pixabay

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