Cold Come Cry

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His hands hold her head while he uses her wide-open mouth for his pleasure. She likes this. To be used while she waits for her prize. To swallow his come.

He grunts, then abruptly pulls out of her mouth.

No, please no.

Semen lands in her open mouth, on her chin, breasts, shoulders. She swallows; feels it cool on her body.

“Eat it,” he says, “every drop.”

“No, please no,” she now speaks those words.

He scoops up blobs and smears it over her lips. Forces his finger between them.

She gags. Retches. Cries. Swallows.

It’s his kink, not hers.

Note: I posted this on Medium on 13 January 2022, after writing it for a workshop.

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7 thoughts on “Cold Come Cry

  1. I really enjoyed this, Marie. I have often felt this conflict within me…wanting a sexual act very badly, but hearing myself beg for it not to happen…such a deliciously sexy place to be. XOXO

    1. Oh yes, I have been there too, but this scenario in the story… I will always beg not to have to do it 😉 xox

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