The Mist

Image of a woman behind a white cloth, making it seem like she is in a kind of mist, where you see her hands pressing against the cloth as if she wants to get out.

Glorious sunshine poured through the high, rectangular window when I step from the shower. The air is thick with the steam from my hot shower, and combined with the sunlight, it almost blinds me. I blink several times to get my eyes used to the glare.

A shadowed silhouette, deep in the fog.

My eyes grow wide, but the shape seems to be gone. The fog is still too thick to see the wall on the other side of the bathroom, barely two meters away from me.

I grab the smaller of the two towels, bend forward, and twist and turn it around my head to cover my hair. As I throw my hair back, the silhouette is back. I just stare at it, but seconds later, I doubt if I have actually seen it. The misty fog seems to constantly move while the rays of the sun try to penetrate it.

Shouldn’t it be gone by now?

“Stop being silly, Mallory!” I whisper.

I wrap the larger towel around me and step out of the shower, onto the bath mat, into the mist. My eyes strained to find the silhouette, but there’s nothing. Relief washes through me, but it quickly turns into panic.

Something cold curls around my thighs and pulls me down until I’m on my knees on the bath mat. The towel isn’t big enough to cover my cunt — naked and open.

I scream, but there’s no sound.

I look around frantically, trying to see something in the mist, but still there’s nothing.

Or is there?

Is that… a shape?

Panic tears at my heart when ‘it’ pushes my body forward until my face rests on the floor. My bottom is up in the air; my legs spread wide. I open my mouth in another soundless scream as something penetrates my sex, and at the same time, there’s a pressure against my anus. I want to move away, but invisible ties keep me in place.

Ever so slowly, my other hole is invaded too. Silent tears stream from my eyes and disappear into the fabric below me. Moments later, a warm sucking motion covers my clitoris.

Even though I don’t want to, I moan.

It feels so good!

My muscles relax and whatever is slowly opening me slips in deeper.

My cries of terror turn into cries of passion.

Where moments before I have wanted to get away, I now encourage the invaders of my body to fuck me.

My fear of the shape in the mist has turned to pure, unadulterated lust.

I can’t see the thing anymore, but I know it was there. It’s using me in a way I have fantasized about many times, but have never thought will ever happen to me.

In my fantasies, that thing is a…

My eyes fly open.

The moment the thought forms in my mind, one tendril slides around my waist and another around my chest. The upper one squeezes my breasts while the one around my waist lifts my body from the floor.

Hanging in midair, I’m at the mercy of the beast that has me in its claws.



That’s my deep, dark fantasy.

To be used.

By tentacles.

I shudder as my orgasm consumes my body and leaves my legs weak and wobbly.

I close my eyes, sigh deep, and open them again. Confused, I find myself back in the shower, under the running water. I turn the faucet to stop the water, and open the shower curtain, mildly disappointed when the bathroom seems as normal as ever.

Note: I wrote this story in 2018, edited it for Medium in December 2021.

© Rebel’s Notes
Photo by Gwen Mamanoleas on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “The Mist

  1. Well, damn Marie! That was a fantastic read! Love the dark component. I really think it made it all that more erotic. I also seem to be developing a thing for tentacles. lol

  2. That was fucking hot! I know a few women who fantasize about hentai tentacle porn and just such a scenario. Well done and boy even as a man i thought it was steaming hot.

  3. Tentacles!! I love me some tentacle smut, especially when they creep up, take what they want, then vanish. The thought of a multi appendaged being that lives to fuck then move on does funny things to me <3

    1. I enjoyed this as much reading it in 2022 as I did back in 2018 – I love the idea that we humans can flip from thinking – no don’t do that to – yes please do more, which works so well in a fantasy / daydream scenario. Hot Marie!

  4. Ghost tentacles! What a very intriguing thought. I didn’t think tentacles were my thing but now I’m sitting here thinking about it and…..yeah…. 😉

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