Mirror Reflects Pleasure

Image of a woman sitting on a table holding a mirror and seeing her reflection. The image goes with my story to find pleasure in one's body.

The thoughts in my mind aren’t gentle, staring at the reflection in the mirror.

Too much.

A fat roll.

Dimpled thighs.

Belly too round.

That scar!

I push the thoughts away and run my hands up and down the lines of my body. Despite those thoughts, this dress makes me look cute. I love the feeling of fishnet against my skin, the patterns it leaves, and love the way my hands make my body tingle even more.

One hand ends up at my crotch, cupping my sex.

Is it wetness I feel there?

I gently slip my finger between my folds. Yes, I’m wet. Lifting one leg onto the bed, I watch in the mirror as my lips open up to my probing finger.

My nipples ache as they harden.

A shiver runs through my body and ends in my cunt. I know there’s no way back. I will not stop until I have experienced the pleasure I’m now craving.

I keep my eyes fixed on the image in the mirror.

Forgotten are the thoughts about my body.

Different words now fill my head.

God, I’m wet.

That feels good.

Look at those puffy cunt lips.

Feel that clit.

Two fingers disappear into my opening and curl inside, then I pull them out again. In and out, finger-fucking myself. I know once I touch my clitoris, there will be no way back, that soon I will want the orgasm I’m chasing.

I want the fucking to last just a bit longer, want my body to respond to this love affair with myself. The desire in my body almost becomes a physical pain.

Love touching myself. Love being a slut. Oh god, this is so good!

I can’t resist anymore.

My fingers spread my juices to my pulsing clit, and slowly — ever so slowly — I circle the tiny bump of flesh, sighing as every fiber of my body seems to respond. My nipples ache even more, straining against the threads of the fishnet dress.

How I would love for them to be pinched, bitten, clamped…

The pace of my moves is slow. I don’t want to rush this. If I increase the tempo, my orgasm will happen in a flash. Where I’m craving the release, I want these sensations that have invaded my body to last longer. I want to hold off as long as possible before I sprint to the end.

Oh, I want to come so much. I’m so fucking horny.

It becomes increasingly difficult to hold back. I clench my cunt muscles, and shiver with pure excitement, pure lust.

My fingers move quicker.

Look at that cunt. Slut, you’re such a slut.

I tighten the muscles in my legs, in my bum, and push hard against my circling fingers. My fingers press hard against my begging button. Filthy thoughts race through my mind.

Fuck yourself. Look at that cunt. This is what you want, slut.

I barely manage to stay on my feet when my climax takes hold of me. My cunt throbs in the same rhythm as my heartbeat while tiny rivulets of my fluids run down my legs.

A smile plays around my lips as I look into my own eyes.

The negative thoughts have disappeared, and all that remains is the love for my body, and knowing how much pleasure it brings me.

Note: I first wrote this story in July 2019, then edited and reposted it on Medium at the end of 2021 and you can now read the edited version here.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Mirror Reflects Pleasure

  1. I love her fantasies and how she comes out in a more positive mindset on the other side. That’s often how it goes 🙂

  2. it’s been a long time for me as well, watching myself….. it used to happen quite frequently when I had to be “Properly Dressed” for work

  3. Damn I wish I had been there as a silent, invisible voyeur — I LOVE watching women masturbate!

  4. Sexy story – I do like masturbating standing up and you have described this perfectly the way the muscles clench etc x

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