Live The Life You Want

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Content warning: mentions death

She watched the tulip fall and heard the soft thud when it landed on the coffin at the bottom of the grave.

Alone at the grave, she had no more tears to cry. Those have disappeared days ago, and left only irritation.


They had so many plans. To travel. Buy a house. Plans for when they retired.

Every conversation they had, their eyes lit up when making plans for ‘one day’.

Now that day would never come.

He died.

What about their plans?

A low groan boiled from deep inside, threatening to escape as a scream. She suppressed it. Cursed him for leaving her. Chastised herself for always putting things off for ‘one day’. They were always working.

And making plans.

The shaking of her shoulders was as unexpected as the sob echoing in his grave.

She fell to her knees, tears landing on his coffin and in that moment she knew: I have to live our dreams.

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