The Healing Power Of A Penis Masturbator

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A helplessness took hold of Marty when he watched his wife’s discomfort. The lust he had felt dissipated into thin air. He rolled onto his back and pulled her into his arms with him.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed against his shoulder, “so sorry.”

He hugged her close, telling her it was okay; he understood.

And he did. He really did. She had hit peri-menopause about a year ago, and where it started out with mild hot flushes, it now seemed it had dealt her the worst card possible.

Maybe it just seemed that way because if how it had affected their intimate life.


Marty swallowed the guilt rising in him. His only discomfort was missing the frequent sexual release. After all these years of sex three times a week — to be honest, sometimes seven times — now having none was a shock to his system.

His wife wanted to have sex, but she couldn’t. Not even the lube helped to make penetration less painful, and it was like she had shrunk down there. Just now he had penetrated her with only one finger, having applied what seemed half a bottle of lube, and it still had her wincing in pain, until she begged him to stop, and burst out in tears.

Her steady breathing calmed him, and Marty too drifted off to sleep.

Two sexless weeks passed.

Marty didn’t want to cause his wife pain again, but his own need grew. The term ‘blue balls’ was the first he thought of when he woke up in the morning. It consumed his mind, but it still took a couple of days for him to decide to take matters into his own hands.


At first, wanking felt good, but he wanted more. Not only more, he was tired of his hand being all sticky with lube, and because of his age and it taking longer to orgasm, his wrist got tired long before he reached his climax.

That was when Marty googled ‘male masturbators’. Up to now, he had never had the desire to own a sex toy, which increased his discomfort when he clicked the button to order a penis masturbator.

From the moment he had paid, he doubted his actions.

How in the world was he going to tell his wife about the toy? Marty knew he had to do it before the box arrived. There was no way he could use the toy without guilt if his wife didn’t know about it.

Surprise and relief alternated on her face when she told him. Tears formed in her eyes and all she said was: “Thank you.”

Him buying a toy had taken the pressure off her; had allowed her to let go of her unnecessary guilt.

The first time Marty shoved his dick into the velvety softness of the masturbator, he climaxed almost immediately. The next day he tried it again, and his orgasm came quickly again. It was only by the fifth time he used it, he could really enjoy the sensation of the toy.

He always used it when his wife was out the door, either for work or shopping, until one day she peeped around his office door and asked: “Have you used your new toy yet?”

Guilt flashed across his face until he saw the sparkle in her eyes.

She didn’t wait for his answer.

“Use it tonight. I want to watch.”

That started a new phase in their relationship. Where he couldn’t penetrate her because of the mean sides of menopause, clitoral orgasms became her new thing. And while he rubbed her tender nub, the toy sucked his dick.

Sometimes she didn’t want him to touch her, and the focus was solely on his pleasure. The toy would do its magic while his wife sucked his balls.

Even though menopause had changed their lives, they found their way back to intimacy. Their connection was restored, all because of something ‘simple’ as a male sex toy!

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