Depraved Orgasm

Read with caution – transgressive fiction!

She’s done this before — sit on his lap, butt-naked and teasing him, wanting him to grab her hips, pull her onto his cock and fuck her until she screams out her orgasm.

Today is different.

She straddles that one leg. It’s not the first time, but the first time on this one.

Today is the day.

They both feel it; see it mirrored in locked eyes as she rubs her wetness over his leg.

Starting high, moving lower.


Their loud sighs bounce off the walls when she grinds down on his wet stump, bringing herself to a silent orgasm.

© Rebel’s Notes

9 thoughts on “Depraved Orgasm

  1. Intense and the abrupt ending is like any good masturbation session satisfying with a little desire for more at the end. Good writing.

    1. Thank you, May. And yes, not everyone gets this… not the short form but also not the contents 😉

  2. There’s so much said here in so few words, Marie! Is it a desire, a fantasy, a memory? I’m certainly intrigued!

    1. Written with a conversation in mind Master T and I had many years ago 😉

    1. Yep, that’s all there is. It does say it’s a 100-word story…

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