LELO IDA Wave Review — Dual Vibrating Massager

An image of the LELO IDA Wave in coral red and still resting in its box.

I have decided to stop doing product reviews and have turned away several companies in the past months. Then LELO approached me, and after looking at the page of the IDA Wave, I was intrigued enough to agree to doing a review of this dual vibrating massager.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

As always, the LELO packaging is classy, simple and beautiful. I received the toy in a white box, with my preferred name on it, and inside was the box with the toy. The box was in a soft cloth bag, and once the bag was taken off, the toy rested behind a clear window in the box. I ordered the coral red toy and just loved the color the moment I saw it! It made me even more curious to hold it and test this vibrator controlled by an app on your phone.

On opening the box, the toy rested on a foam bed, in a cut-out in the shape of the toy. Other contents of the box were the short USB-charging cord, a satin storage pouch, the warranty registration card and a detailed instruction manual.

How does it work?

The toy has two different vibrating motors — one on the finger-like extension, which is inserted into the vagina, and the other on the round part that stays outside and rests on the clitoris. These two motors work in tandem and have several vibration patterns and speeds.

The insertable ‘finger’ part is a source of deep pleasure for the G-spot and rotates to make it feel even more real.

The LELO IDA Wave still in the box.

The entire toy is controlled by the LELO app on your phone, but can also be used without. Although, then it’s less easy to change the vibrations to the ten different settings.

Once the toy is connected to the LELO app via Bluetooth, it’s easy to choose the pattern and then by moving your phone, you increase the vibrations. Brilliant!

My experience with & opinion of the product

Taking the dual vibrating massager out of the box, I loved the velvety-soft feel of the premium silicon. I first attached the USB-charger and left it on the charger for about two hours (I forgot about it, honestly) and by then it was fully charged. I made sure to clean the toy before I used it – just with soapy water.

At first, I used the toy without any lube. Now it has been a long time since I had anything inserted, and it hurt for a bit, so I had to ease the toy in once I was wet enough.

I loved playing around with the different settings using my phone. There’s just something about a vibrator controlled by an app on your phone, isn’t there? It’s so much easier than having to push a button on a toy. Also, the rotating finger-like motion of the G-spot ‘extension’ felt really good! It definitely added something to the vibrations I felt in my clitoris.

However, after a while using it without lube, I decided to try it with.

Now I have to say, this toy fits perfectly. The part that’s inserted gets to where it has to be, and the outer part also rests perfectly on its spot.

As long as I don’t use lube!

Once I applied lube and inserted it again, it kept in slipping out. I had to hold it in place with my hand to make sure it reaches the spots I wanted it to reach. Either my body’s reactions are too strong, or this is just the nature of the toy – to slip out when lube is applied.

Still, trapping it with my hand, the toy did what it had to do, and helped me towards a climax.

Where to buy?

You can buy the IDA Wave from the LELO website for EUR 189 (it will probably show you the price in your own currency when you follow the link).

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  1. We have a Lelo, an earlier design and not app controlled. It is Kittens go to vibrator. We also have an app controlled We vibe that gave us that experience. (Btw with the app and wifi I could control the We from Wisconsin while she was in Phoenix. Made for some interesting play time. )

    I think you just introduced me to our next toy purchase.

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